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Bear Mattress Comparison

Each of Bear’s three mattresses are tailored to a certain sleeper type. Learn which is right for you in this Bear mattress review.


Why We Love Bear and Why You Will Too

Bear is a mattress and bedding company based in the U.S. that was launched in 2015. They’re known for creating mattresses that cater to people who live active lifestyles, such as athletes and regular exercisers. Bear currently offers three mattresses, including the Bear Mattress, the company’s flagship bed, the Bear Hybrid, the most luxurious option, and the Bear Pro, the company’s newest all-foam option.

Each Bear mattress option has a unique firmness scale setting, construction and special features. However, they also share a few things in common, like their cooling technology and Celliant covers. In this Bear mattress review, we compare Bear’s three mattresses to one another to help you understand which might be the best mattress for you.

Bear Mattress Models 

Price class

The Original Bear Mattress

4.8 / 5.0



Memory Foam

Price class


Bear Hybrid

4.7 / 5.0




Price class


Bear Pro Mattress

4.7 / 5.0



Memory Foam

Price class


Bear Mattress

Who is the Bear Mattress Best For?

  • Individuals and couples who are physically active
  • Those who like a balance of contouring and support
  • Budget shoppers

Price Range

$595 to $1,195

What Makes the Bear Mattress Stand Out?

On the surface, the Bear Mattress looks much like any other memory foam mattress with memory foam and polyfoam layers, but its Celliant fabric cover, which converts body heat into infrared energy, is a standout feature.

The Bear Mattress is Bear’s flagship bed, and it’s also the simplest. With just four foam layers, it measures 10” tall and has a universal medium setting (5.5/10) that can technically work for lightweight and average weight sleepers of all types. It won’t offer the same deep sinking feeling as the Bear Pro or the responsive feeling of the Bear Hybrid, so if you like a memory foam bed that’s somewhere in between and are on a budget, this might be the best option for you.

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Bear Hybrid Mattress

Who is the Bear Hybrid Best For?

  • People who like a responsive and firm feel
  • Those who sleep hot
  • People who prioritize durability

Price Range

$1,095 to $1,995

What Makes the Bear Hybrid Stand Out?

Like the Bear Mattress, the Bear Hybrid has a Celliant cover, but it provides even better temperature neutrality because of the airflow through its coil core, and its responsive feel makes it a best mattress for sex from the Bear collection..

The Bear Hybrid is the coolest, most responsive, most durable and most supportive Bear mattress. We liken this one to a fancy hotel bed: it has luxurious comfort layers but also a nice bounce, and the coil core gives the bed added airflow in addition to the cooling power of the Celliant cover. Its medium-firm feel (6/10) can work for any sleeper, but it may be the best mattress for stomach sleepers and back sleepers who need reliable hip and shoulder support to keep the spine properly aligned. Couples who prioritize responsiveness for sex will enjoy the bed’s springy feel and edge support, and it will have better motion isolating properties than most responsive hybrid models.

Bear Pro Mattress

Who is the Bear Pro Best For?

  • Individuals and couples who wake easily to motion
  • Those who want pressure relief for chronic pain
  • Strict side sleepers

Price Range

$895 to $1,495

What Makes the Bear Pro Stand Out?

The Bear Pro ranks the best of the three Bear mattresses in conforming capabilities and motion isolation. Its four-layer construction gives a truly body-hugging sensation.

If you’re looking for extra contouring and cushioning, that’s what you’ll get with the Bear Pro. It has four foam layers, measures 12” tall and cradles the body even more than the Bear Mattress. If you normally sleep hot on memory foam beds, the Bear Pro also has some features to help regulate your temperature, including the Celliant cover and a copper-infused comfort layer. This bed can technically accommodate sleepers of all sleeping positions and body types who aren’t heavyweight, but we think it works well for lightweight sleepers and could be a best side sleeper mattress in particular.

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Bear Mattresses by Sleep Style

Bear Mattress Bear Hybrid Mattress Bear Pro Mattress
Side Sleeper Lightweight
Average weight
Back Sleeper Lightweight
Average weight
Stomach Sleeper Lightweight
Average weight

Here at Mattress Nerd, we classify lightweight sleepers as weighing < 130 lbs., while average-weight sleepers are between 130-230 lbs. and heavyweight sleepers weigh over 230 lbs.. 

Of all three Bear models, the Bear Hybrid is the most universally-accommodating bed. It’s great for most sleep positions and body types, except for heavyweight stomach and side sleepers. If you’re a heavyweight sleeper, it’s best to steer clear of the Bear Original and Bear Pro mattresses: the all-foam design of these beds just doesn’t offer enough firmness or support to keep your body in proper spinal alignment on the bed. Lightweight stomach and back sleepers should find what they need in any of these Bear mattresses, but lightweight side sleepers should steer clear of the Bear Original: it’s much too firm to offer the proper cradling lightweight side sleepers need on their hips and shoulders.

If you find yourself sleeping in all three of these positions, see our picks for the best mattress for all sleeping positions, or combination sleepers.

Other Considerations: Cooling, Back Pain and Couples

All three Bear mattress models offer excellent cooling capabilities. Even the original Bear mattress, which is an all-foam bed, offers a graphite-gel foam layer and a breathable Celliant cover for heat dissipation to be a cooling mattress. Both the Bear Original and Bear Pro mattress have an all-foam construction, which means they will isolate motion well and keep movement stifled on one side of the bed: perfect for someone who tosses and turns at night and doesn’t want to wake a sleeping partner. The Bear Hybrid, on the other hand, doesn’t do so well at motion isolation, thanks to its bottom-layer coils.

As far as back pain goes, none of these mattresses will offer a one-size-fits-all solution. Pay special attention to the chart we’ve included above to see where your body type and sleep position will find the most spinal support. When sleepers feel properly supported and cradled every night, back pain tends to diminish.

Bear Mattress Construction

Bear Mattress Bear Hybrid Mattress Bear Pro Mattress
Cover  Celliant cover Celliant cover

2” gel-infused polyfoam

Celliant cover
Comfort Layer(s) 2” graphite-gel memory foam 2” polyfoam 1” copper-infused foam

1.5” gel memory foam

Transition Layer 2” polyfoam 1” polyfoam 2.5” polyfoam
Support Layers 6” high-density polyfoam 8” pocketed coils

1” high-density base support foam

7” high-density polyfoam
Mattress Thickness 10” 14” 12”

How Construction Impacts the Feel of the Mattress

The Bear Mattress and Bear Pro are all-foam mattresses, and the Bear Hybrid has a coil core in the place of foam. The coils help make the hybrid more responsive, which may make it a better choice for combination sleepers. Coil cores are traditionally more durable than high-density foam support cores.

The Bear Mattress has a medium feel that will conform moderately to the body, and the graphite foam gives the bed a light bounce when compared to other memory foam beds. While the Bear Mattress offers a feel that’s somewhere between sleeping “in” and “on” the bed, the Bear Hybrid is best for people who prefer sleeping “on” the mattress, thanks to its firmness level and thick coil core. For mattresses with a similar feel, see our picks for the best mattress for back sleepers.

The Bear Pro, which catered toward side sleepers and people who love a deep body- hugging sensation, has foams that create a true cradle to alleviate painful pressure points, even though it has a medium to medium-firm rating.

Bear Mattress Pricing 

Twin Twin XL Full Queen King  Cal King
Bear Mattress $595 $695 $895 $995 $1,195 $1,195
Bear Hybrid Mattress $1,095 $1,295 $1,495 $1,695 $1,995 $1,995
Bear Pro Mattress $895 $995 $1,195 $1,295 $1,690 $1,690

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Dimensions & Specs 

*All dimensions are identical for all three Bear mattress models.

Twin Twin XL Full Queen King  Cal King
All Bear Mattresses 39” x 75” 39” x 80” 54” x 75” 60” x 80” 76” x 80” 72” x 84”

Bear Mattress Warranty, Shipping, Sleep Trial & Returns

Bear offers similar policies for all of its mattresses, but some policies, like warranty coverage, vary slightly. Here’s an overview of the sleep trial, shipping, warranty and return policies that come with each Bear mattress.

All Bear mattresses come with free shipping via FedEx to all 50 states and Canada. All three are shipped compressed and rolled as a bed-in-a-box, so they’ll need about 48 hours to fully expand once you’ve unboxed them. It usually takes about 2 to 7 days for your Bear mattress to arrive once you’ve ordered. White Glove delivery, which includes old mattress removal and in-home setup, is available for an additional fee of $150.

The Bear mattress warranty ranges from 10 to 20 years: The Bear and Bear Pro are protected by a 10-year warranty, and the Bear Hybrid is protected by a 20-year warranty. All three warranties are divided into prorated and non-prorated phases. Bear will cover all costs for repairs and replacements associated with a defective mattress during the first phase of the warranty (the length of that first phase depends on the mattress). Warranty coverage includes indentations measuring 1” or deeper, mattress cover issues (for instance, broken zippers), and splits and cracks to the memory foam despite normal usage.

All Bear mattresses come with a 100-night sleep trial, which gives you more than three months to decide whether you want to keep the bed. Bear requires a mandatory 30-night wait prior to initiating a return. If you choose to return the bed within the trial period, you’ll receive a full refund and Bear will coordinate free mattress pickup on your behalf.

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Bear FAQs

Where can I buy a Bear mattress?

Bear mattresses are currently only available on Bear’s website. Bear also operates a viewing-only showroom in Hoboken, New Jersey. Bear mattresses are not currently available at third-party retailers like Amazon.com.

Does Bear have good customer service?

Bear holds an A- rating from the Better Business Bureau and is not BBB accredited. The company also has a 4-star rating on ConsumerAffairs.com, and most customer reviews seem relatively positive. While review sites can’t give a crystal clear picture of a company’s customer service, they can paint some of the picture regarding customer satisfaction with regard to how satisfied customers are and the company’s handling of customer issues.

Which Bear mattress is best for couples?

The Bear Hybrid is the best option for couples who prioritize responsiveness for sex, and it isolates motion relatively well for a hybrid. For couples who wake in the middle of the night due to motion or noise, we recommend the Bear Pro, which has a thick comfort section that will help it distill motion and stay extremely quiet.

How does the Bear celliant cover work?

Celliant is an advanced technology that’s clinically proven to promote a more restful sleep by returning your body heat to your body as infrared light. Celliant is known to promote restful sleep, help regulate body temperature, improve recovery times and enhance tissue oxygen levels.

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