Sleep Number True Temp Pillow Review

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The Mattress Nerd’s Take: The Sleep Number True Temp pillow is made from memory foam with patented cooling technology. It comes in three shapes: Classic, Contour, and Ultimate, to accommodate all different body types and sleeping positions. 

Who It’s Good For

  • Hot sleepers
  • Side sleepers
  • People with allergies

Who It’s Not Good For

  • Stomach sleepers
  • Budget shoppers

Sleep Number True Temp Pillow

Sleep Number True Temp Pillow

The Sleep Number True Temp pillow is made from memory foam with patented cooling technology. It comes in three shapes: Classic, Contour, and Ultimate, to accommodate all different body types and sleeping positions. 

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Accessories Details


Polyester, Polyurethane, Memory foam

Trial Period
Trial Period

100 nights


1-year limited warranty


Not Available

Shipping Method
Shipping Method

Free shipping

Return Policy
Return Policy

Free returns minus shipping/handling

A Look Inside

The Sleep Number True Temp Pillow comes in three shapes: Classic, Contour, and Ultimate. I tested the Classic, standard pillow, but for more room to roll around, Sleep Number also offers you a King size.

The cover to this pillow is super soft and cool to the touch. The sensation was so pleasant, I forewent a pillowcase a few times just to lie directly on it. The material is a mix of polyester and polyethylene, a fancy science term for a cooling material that helps draw heat from the body.

The outer fill of the pillow also uses fiberfill material to give it the same feel and softness of a down pillow, without the feathers. It is squishy and a little bouncy, so it’s easy to mold around your body shape.

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Finally, the inner fill is a piece of breathable memory foam. The foam has perforations to keep your body heat from staying in the pillow and causing you to overheat. The brand also claims that the True Temp pillow is hypoallergenic.

Mattress Nerd Pillow Scores

In order to get a thorough look at how this pillow performed, we broke it down to numerical scores for cooling (how well the materials keep you from overheating), alignment (how well your neck is supported), adjustability (how moldable the pillow is), quality of materials, care (how easy it is to clean), and customer experience.

Total Score: 4.5/5

Side Sleeping

Out of all three sleep positions, I think the True Temp pillow is made for side sleepers, though the brand claims the product is best for back and stomach sleepers. The high loft and support level of this pillow allows the neck to stay in alignment with the spine. 

For more options like this pillow, see the best pillows for side sleepers.

Back Sleeping

I am not a back sleeper by nature, but this was the right pillow for keeping my neck in natural alignment as I attempted to sleep on my back with it. Because I have  smaller frame, I felt that the loft was too high with the foam insert, so I removed it for a better night’s sleep on my back. Check out the best pillows for back sleepers for more information on what works.

Stomach Sleeping

I am primarily a stomach sleeper, so this is the most comfortable position for me. With the foam support center, this pillow just has too high of a loft to keep my neck in line with the rest of my spine. It did help when I unzipped the pillow and removed the foam, but it still wasn’t flat enough. I woke up with neck pain a few times.

Stomach sleepers should look for a firm pillow that is relatively flat. For options like this, check out our list of the best pillows for stomach sleepers.

Score for Side Sleepers Score for Stomach Sleepers Score for Back Sleepers
5/5 3/5 4/5



  • Sleeps cool: This pillow has a cool-to-the-touch cover, perforated foam, and uses temperature-balancing technology which kept me cool all night long.
  • Easy to care for: The cover is removable and machine washable for easy pillow care. You don’t even need to use a pillow case if you don’t want to (we still recommend that, however).
  • Adjustable: You can remove the memory foam pillow insert for a lower loft, great for back sleepers and side sleepers with a smaller frame.


  • Pricey: This pillow will run you about $100 or more, depending on the size and shape you want.
  • Loft too high for stomach sleepers: Stomach sleepers need a firm, flat pillow. This pillow is too high and fluffy to provide proper neck support for stomach sleepers.

Sizing, Pricing, and Policies

Size Shape Price
Standard Classic $109.99
King Classic $139.99
Standard Contour $129.99
King Contour $159.99
Standard Ultimate $149.99
King Ultimate $179.99

This pillow ships free and comes with a 30-night sleep trial period. During this month, you can try out the True Temp pillow to see if it’s for you or if you want to exchange it for a new pillow that will better fit your needs.

The pillow also comes with a 1-year limited warranty. The warranty covers defects from workmanship but does not cover normal wear and tear a pillow gets over time such as discoloration, compression, and rips or tears.


Are Sleep Number pillows good?

Yes, especially if you sleep warm or need something customizable. Sleep Number offers an array of different pillows if the True Temp doesnu2019t suit you, including the PlushComfort pillow, for those who want a softer option and the Sleep Number ComfortFit pillow, which is a great pillow for combination sleepers.

How long does a Sleep Number pillow last?

Sleep Number pillows should last you about four to five years with proper care. This is because the materials are machine washable and the loft is pretty high. This is two to three years longer than most pillows, which means it is a good investment.

Should shoulders be on the pillow while sleeping?

No. Pillows are made to support your head and keep your neck in alignment with the rest of your body. If you were to put your shoulders on the pillow, that could mess up both your neck and spinal alignment and give you neck or back pain in the morning.

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The Nerd’s Final Take

Most of us know Sleep Number for offering some of the best mattresses for adjustability, but the True Temp pillow had the same quality I’d expect from a Sleep Number bed. It kept me cool, and had enough adjustable features so that I could sleep on my back or side. If you’re looking for your new favorite pillow, this is definitely a good luxury consideration.

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