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The Best Fourth of July Mattress Sales of 2021

Learn about the best sales happening this Fourth of July. Get the best coupons and savings and invest in your sleep!

By Adrianne Cleven

It’s about that time again: Fourth of July, a time of the year specifically set apart to celebrate freedom and spend quality time at home with loved ones. If you’re spending extra time around the house, you may have noticed that your current sleep setup needs an upgrade. If that’s the case, our Fourth of July deals could help you narrow down the perfect mattress for you! In this list, we’ve got a great selection of high-quality brands. And the best news? They’re all running phenomenal deals.

If you’d rather have a new mattress delivered directly to your door instead of journeying out to a mattress store, these Fourth of July deals are for you! Read on to see if the mattress brand you’ve been eyeing is on our list of best sales. After all, there’s never been a better time to buy.

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Top Fourth of July Mattress Sales 2021

  • Saatva — Save $200 off $925 or more purchase
  • Helix — Save up to $200
  • DreamCloud — Save $200 and get $399 of free accessories
  • Casper — Save up to 15% off  mattresses
  • WinkBeds — Get $300 off a mattress purchase
  • Brooklyn Bedding — 20% off mattresses
  • Puffy — Get $300 off, plus up to $455 in free accessories
  • Tuft & Needle — Get up to 20% sitewide
  • Nectar — Get free sheets, mattress protector and pillows with mattress purchase
  • Leesa — 20% off bundles and up to $500 off mattresses
  • Layla — Up to $200 off mattresses and two free pillows
  • Cocoon —Take 35% off Cocoon Chill mattress
  • GhostBed — Save up to 30% on mattresses and get two free pillows

Saatva Classic

Saatva is one of the first direct-to-consumer online mattress companies. The Saatva mattress is not a “bed-in-a-box” company, because it doesn’t come in a box at all. It’s a regular innerspring mattress delivered to your door by delivery professionals.
Saatva Classic Mattress

Save $200 off a purchase of $925 or more when you shop Saatva through Mattress Nerd! This special deal applies to all Saatva products, including the Saatva Solaire, Saatva HD, Loom & Leaf, ZenHaven, and all accessories.

Helix Midnight Luxe

We rank the Helix Midnight Luxe among our best mattresses for side sleepers. Zoned support provides the hips, shoulders and neck with just the right amount of cushion to keep the spine aligned and ensure you wake up pain-free. Plus, it's 2 inches thicker than the standard Midnight.
Helix Midnight Luxe Mattress

Save up to $200 on a purchase from Helix! This Fourth of July deal applies to all of Helix’s accessories and highly-specialized mattresses, including the Helix Midnight, Helix Moonlight, Helix Plus, Helix Dawn, and others!

DreamCloud Premier

This luxury hybrid mattress comes with cradling technology and plush comfort that most sleepers love. If you're looking for a cushy yet supportive mattress with all the right features, the DreamCloud Premier could be the mattress for you.

Save $200 + get $399 worth of free accessories from DreamCloud!

Casper Original

The original mattress that made the brand famous, the Casper is known for its design that suits all sleep positions. Casper's Zoned Support feature is engineered to support the hips, shoulders and back to keep the spine aligned. At an affordable price point, too, this mattress is hard to beat.
Casper Original Mattress

Get 15% off mattresses during Casper’s Fourth of July sale. The sale includes the Casper Wave Hybrid, Casper Element and the new Casper Nova Hybrid. And the brand is throwing in 10% off everything else, too!


WinkBeds is a family-owned operation that focuses on details to attract customers to their luxury mattresses, which are made to order in Wisconsin. The company believes so strongly in their mattress quality, that they attach a lifetime warranty to them.
The WinkBeds Original

Get $300 off a mattress purchase from WinkBeds during the brand’s Fourth of July sale. Don’t miss out on beds like the WinkBed Plus, EcoCloud and GravityLux mattress.

Brooklyn Bedding Signature

The Signature Hybrid mattress comes in three firmness options and is made with a slew of proprietary materials. Brooklyn Bedding know their mattresses.
Brooklyn Bedding Signature

Save 20% on Brooklyn Bedding mattresses with code SUMMER20 this season! This deal applies to mattresses including the Brooklyn Bowery, Brooklyn Bowery Hybrid, Brooklyn Aurora, Brooklyn Bloom Hybrid and the Brooklyn Spartan.

Puffy Lux

The Puffy Lux mattress is an upgrade from the original and popular all-foam offering. “Lux” means Puffy enhanced the features and uses more advanced materials. It comes with a higher price tag than the original Puffy, but if thickness with more cushioning is what you need, then this may be the mattress for you.
puffy lux mattress

Get $300 off Puffy mattresses, plus up to $455 in free accessories! This deal applies to all Puffy mattresses, including the Puffy and Puffy Royal.

Tuft & Needle

The Tuft and Needle mattress is perfect if you want to avoid the hassle of mattress shopping and prefer the option to return the mattress if it doesn’t work. If you are on a budget but still want a good quality foam mattress, this is a great choice for you.
Tuft & Needle Mattress

Save up to 20% sitewide from Tuft & Needle mattress! This deal also applies to the Tuft & Needle Mint, the Tuft & Needle Hybrid mattress, and ALL accessories!


The Nectar is an affordable quality mattress with an excellent trial period. It suits all types of sleepers, couples and people who love sleeping on memory foam.

Get free sheets, mattress protector and pillows, including a mattress protector, sheets set, and 2 pillows when you purchase the Nectar mattress. The accessories constitute a $399 value.


The Leesa mattress adapts to all sleep positions and most body types. With its cooling foam and additional layers that both hug and support you, it's no wonder customers love sleeping on their Leesa.
leesa hero image

Save up to $500 on a new Leesa mattress! This sale also applies to the Studio by Leesa, the Leesa Hybrid, and the Leesa Legend. Leesa is also offering up to 20% off bundles on the brand’s website.


The original Layla memory foam mattress features two sides with different firmness options: one soft and one firm. Its copper-infused foam helps to cool the mattress and increase recovery times.
Layla Mattress Banner

Get $200 off Layla Hybrid mattresses, plus two free memory foam pillows! This deal applies to all Layla mattresses, including the Layla Hybrid Mattress and the Layla Mattress.

Cocoon by Sealy

The Cocoon Chill mattress is an affordable memory foam mattress designed with hot sleepers in mind. The cradling memory foam cushions you without trapping heat like traditional foams.
Cocoon by Sealy Mattress

Take 35% off the Cocoon Chill mattress by Sealy. Also receive free pillows and sheets with purchase.


GhostBed is a medium-firm, affordable latex mattress that suits most sleepers. Featuring cooling gels and excellent responsiveness, this mattress is a great catch-all option.
ghostbed original mattress

Get 40% 0ff GhostBed’s adjustable base bundles during GhostBed’s Fourth of July Sale! Also get 30% off mattresses and two free pillows. The deal includes the GhostBed Flex and GhostBed Luxe mattresses.

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