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Breaking Down the Nolah Mattress Return Policy

Most shoppers love their new Nolah mattress, but there’s always a chance that it might not work out for you. Find out how the Nolah return policy works, so you can sleep easily.

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Buying a new mattress online is new for most of us. When you buy a bed online, there’s only one place to try it out: your bedroom. Fortunately, Nolah Sleep and other bed-ina-box mattress brands understand this and take the necessary steps to remove any worry with risk-free returns. 

So, what is it like to return a Nolah mattress? Find out how long you have, how refunds work, and fine print that you should know about in our Nolah return policy breakdown.

120-Night Sleep Trial Period

Nolah is committed to customer satisfaction. They understand that there’s no way to guarantee that a mattress will work for everyone who buys it. That’s why every Nolah mattress comes with a risk-free, 120-night sleep trial—a full 20 nights longer than the most common online mattress trial. 

The Nolah trial period begins the day that you receive your new bed, not from the date of purchase. Nolah requires that you keep your new bed for 30 days before initiating a return. This 30-day adjustment period gives your body time to get used to a new sleeping surface. 

While you may adore your Nolah mattress from day one, chances are that it will take a week or more before you settle into the new bed. After a few weeks, start paying attention to how you feel. New back pain, frequent tossing and turning, and morning grogginess are signs that you may need a different mattress. If you are waking up with pain, check out our picks for the best mattress for back pain.

After 30 nights, contact Nolah if you decide that your new bed doesn’t live up to your expectations. A Nolah representative will find a local charity or mattress recycling company to come to your door and pick up the bed. You don’t need to stuff the mattress back into its original box. Simply carry the mattress to your front door and be home during the scheduled pickup time. 

Once the mattress is successfully donated, you can expect a full refund in up to seven business days. If you received free pillows during your purchase, you get to keep those as a parting gift. 

If you go over 120 nights, Nolah does not accept returns. Fortunately, every Nolah mattress comes with a generous Lifetime warranty, so if you experience a defect like deep body indentations, contact Nolah’s customer care team for assistance and utilize the Nolah Warranty Policy.

How Do I Return the Nolah? 

Nolah’s return process is easy. Here’s how you return a Nolah mattress.

  1. Contact Nolah: Visit the Contact Page at Enter your information and select “request return.” 
  1. Watch for a Response Email: A Nolah representative should email you back within one business day to coordinate the return. 
  2. Provide Nolah with Pick Up Dates: Nolah needs to know what dates work for a mattress pick up. You need to provide dates and times when you’ll be at home. Nolah then finds a local charity or recycling center to come to your door and pick up the mattress. 
  3. Be Prepared for Pick Up: On the day of pick up, you must get the mattress ready. This means transporting it from your bedroom to the front door. You don’t need to try and stuff it in a shipping box; the representatives will get it ready for you. You need to be home for mattress pick up. Make sure you take a photo of the pick up receipt because you’ll need it to receive a refund.
  4. Wait for Your Refund: Send a fax or photo of your mattress pick-up receipt to a Nolah customer service representative. Nolah will issue a full refund within seven business days of receiving your receipt. If you financed your new Nolah mattress, Nolah notifies the finance company, and they refund you. You may owe the small amount of interest that accrued when you owned the mattress. 

Note: You must wait 30 days before starting the Nolah mattress return process. During this time, you may consider adding a mattress topper if your only complaint is too firm a surface. A foam topper adds greater pressure relief, and is easier than shopping for a new mattressIf you are looking for more pressure relief, check out the best memory foam mattresses or the best memory foam mattress toppers.

Nolah Sleep Exchange Policy

You may choose to exchange your current Nolah mattress for another Nolah model. Note that the new bed is final sale; there is no additional trial period. Here’s how to exchange your Nolah mattress:

  1. Contact Nolah: Either call Nolah at 1-866-403-6615 or visit Nolah’s contact page and select “request return.” Tell the representative that you want to exchange the mattress instead of returning it.
  2. Pay for the New Mattress: Nolah processes the return and purchase separately. They charge a $99 shipping fee when you exchange your mattress, so if you want to avoid that extra cost, simply follow the mattress return process and then buy a new mattress. If you want to receive your replacement mattress before the rejected mattress is donated, you must buy the new Nolah mattress before receiving a refund for the other bed.
  3. Schedule Pick Up: Once you’ve ordered your new mattress, you’ll have an estimated date for its arrival. If you don’t have another mattress to sleep on while you wait for your new bed, work with the Nolah team to find a date and time for mattress donation that’s after the arrival date. You need to be home for the pickup.
  4. Pick Up: Carry the mattress to your front door. You don’t need to package it for shipment—just be home to make the handoff.
  5. Receive Your Refund: Credit card refunds take roughly seven business days. If you financed your mattress through Affirm, they will process the refund on their end and contact you with the details.

How Does the Nolah Return Policy Measure Up? 


Saatva is a luxury, direct-to-consumer mattress brand with memory foam, latex, airbed, and innerspring mattresses. Their 180-night trial is longer than Nolah’s 120-night trial; however, Saatva charges a $99 return fee to offset the cost of their free white glove delivery that comes with a new mattress purchase.

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Casper is a popular bed-ina-box mattress brand known for its memory foam mattresses. Their 100-night sleep trial is shorter than Nolah’s 120 nights, but Casper has no waiting period—you may return your bed even if you’ve only owned it for a few days or weeks. Casper offers full refunds during the trial period.  

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Nectar is an online mattress company with one of the most generous return policies around. Their mattresses come with a 365-night trial. You can return your mattress for a full refund, only after you’ve owned it for 30 days.  

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The Fine Print

The last thing any of us want is to make a large online purchase and find out that we don’t qualify for a return. That’s why we break down Nolah’s fine print in this section—if you need to return your bed, we want you to experience a flawless process. 

You Have to Wait 30 Days

Getting used to a new mattress is like breaking in a new pair of shoes. While there is the rare instance where new shoes feel like a dream on day one, it typically takes a few weeks. Like the materials in shoes that need time to soften, the Nolah mattress’s foams require body weight to reach their final feel. Additionally, it takes time for your muscles and joints to settle into an entirely new mattress surface. 

To accommodate this adjustment period, Nolah requires people to keep their new bed for a minimum of 30 nights before requesting a return. Just be sure to start the return process before your 120 nights are up. 

The Mattress Must Be in Good Shape

No one wants to buy a mattress only to damage it within a few months. If you damage your new mattress during the trial period, you risk it becoming ineligible for returns. A rip, tear, or—more likely—a spill or accident, can mean that you’re stuck with the bed. 

To safeguard the mattress and ensure that you have the entire 120 nights to find out if it’s your dream mattress, we recommend using a mattress protector from day one. Waterproof protectors keep your new bed fresh and clean. They even help people with allergies enjoy a hypoallergenic sleeping experience. 

Make Sure Your Mattress is Supported

The Nolah mattresses require a solid, sturdy surface. This includes a box spring, bunkie board, platform bed frame, adjustable base, or slatted frame with slats spaced no further than 3–4”. You can even place your Nolah bed directly on the floor! 

If you rest your Nolah mattress on an unsupportive surface, such as an old, droopy box spring or a slatted base with slats spread too far apart, you may experience lower back pain and other discomforts. What’s more, poor support harms the bed’s durability and may void the warranty

To give your mattress a chance, be sure that it’s properly supported.

Expect Off-Gassing

Every Nolah mattress contains CertiPUR-US certified foam layers, meaning they pass rigorous tests for low emissions and the absence of harmful chemicals. Even so, when foams are compressed, it’s common for them to release a mild odor when they expand. This scent—which is much like a “new car smell”—fades quickly. But, don’t be surprised if you still notice an odor a few days later.

The good news? This off-gassing odor is temporary. If you want it to go away quickly, all you need to do is keep your mattress bare and boost circulation. Open the windows and move in an air purifier or fan.  

One Return Per Household

Nolah allows only one return per household. That means once you request a return, no one with your name and address will be able to request another return.

Which Nolah Mattress is Best for You?

Nolah Sleep manufactures five mattresses: two all-foam beds and three hybrid mattresses. Let’s take a look at which bed is best for different sleepers. 

Nolah Original 10”

The Nolah Original is an all-foam mattress with affordable pricing. Its medium-firm feel works for back, stomach, and side sleepers who weigh less than 230 lbs. It offers excellent motion isolation, which is an important attribute for couples. It also scored well for responsiveness, which is ideal for those who change sleeping positions throughout the night.

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Nolah Signature 12”

The Nolah Signature mattress is another all-foam bed with a medium-firm feel. It works really well for back sleepers and lightweight stomach sleepers. We also recommend it to combination sleepers who want a foam mattress without the “stuck” feeling often associated with traditional memory foam mattresses. For similar mattresses, check out the best mattress for back sleepers.

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Nolah Evolution 15”

The Nolah Evolution is a luxury hybrid mattress with high scores across the board, including pressure point relief and edge support. It combines the contouring Nolah AirFoam comfort layer with cooling, responsive innerspring coils. Ample airflow makes this one of the best mattresses for hot sleepers. It’s also a good choice for couples, thanks to minimal motion transfer

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Nolah Natural 11”

The Nolah Natural is Nolah’s eco-friendly mattress offering. It’s made with natural Talalay latex, support coils, and organic cotton and wool. The latex layer makes the Natural easy to move around on. It also works in tandem with the breathable support coils to reduce body heat buildup.

Nolah Nurture 10”

The Nolah Nurture is a flippable mattress made for kids. It has a medium-soft side and firm side with a core of patented support coils. An organic cotton cover and natural Talalay comfort layers keep the Nurture hypoallergenic and cooling. We love the variable firmness for growing kids, and it has impressive durability.

What Are Other Customers Saying? 

The internet is a handy tool when you want to see how a business accommodates its customers’ needs. We scoured reviews from Nolah’s website and the Better Business Bureau to discover how returning a Nolah mattress has worked for previous online mattress shoppers. Here are a couple of their experiences.

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