WinkBed Mattress Return Policy Breakdown

WinkBeds has a loyal customer base for good reason, but no mattress is one-size-fits-all. If you’re curious about the WinkBeds return policy, we’re covering all you need to know in this breakdown.

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Whether you already own a mattress from WinkBeds or are simply shopping around, knowing a mattress company’s return policy is a great way to guard yourself against being stuck with a mattress that’s not the right fit. 

WinkBeds has one of the more generous trial periods and return policies in the online mattress industry. Not only do you get 120 nights to test out the brand’s hybrid and memory foam mattress models, but you can also claim a full refund if you need to request a return.

120-Night Trial Period

All of the WinkBeds mattress models come with a 120-night trial period starting on the day your mattress is delivered. That coverage is the same whether you’re choosing the WinkBed mattress, WinkBed Plus, WinkBed EcoCloud, or WinkBed GravityLux mattress. This gives you the opportunity to actually sleep on the mattress in the comfort of your own home, rather than lying on it for a few minutes in a showroom.

It can take up to a full month for your body to adjust to a new mattress, so you won’t really know if it’s the best mattress for your sleeping position, body type, or general comfort preferences until you’re past the “break-in” period. 

With that in mind, WinkBeds asks you to sleep on your new mattress for at least 30 nights before you make a final decision. Even if you notice a little shoulder or lower back pain during the break-in period, we expect it should fade as your muscles and joints transition from the firmness level of your old mattress to your new one. 

Besides the quality of your night’s sleep, we recommend paying close attention to a handful of performance categories during the trial period. In a mattress, you’ll ideally want good pressure relief, edge support, airflow, and temperature control. Motion transfer, or how well the mattress isolates movement from sleeping partners, will also be important if you sleep with a partner. 

Prospective customers should know that the brand’s return policy only applies during the trial period. The WinkBeds Lifetime warranty protects customers against manufacturing defects even after the trial period expires. These defects include body indentations over 1.5” deep and cracks (or splits) in the bed’s foam.

How Do I Return? 

WinkBeds makes returns as easy as possible, but we make it even easier with this step-by-step guide:

  1. Receive your bed-in-a-box mattress delivery, set up your WinkBeds mattress on your bed frame or box spring, and sleep on your new bed for at least 30 nights.
  2. Before the 120-night trial period ends, contact WinkBeds at, and let them know you’d like to return your mattress. Make sure to include your original order number in your email.
  3. WinkBeds will process your return and arrange a pickup date that works for you. Pickups are typically scheduled within five days, and you don’t need to be home when your mattress is picked up. Returned mattresses are either donated to charity or recycled.
  4. You’ll receive a full refund of the price you paid for your mattress within five business days.

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WinkBeds Exchange Policy

WinkBeds gives all of their mattress customers the opportunity to make one mattress exchange during the trial period. You can choose a different mattress size (for instance, a Queen size instead of a King), a different firmness option (softer or firmer), or an entirely different mattress model (for example, swap a hybrid mattress for an all-foam mattress). Here’s a quick break down of how to make a WinkBeds mattress exchange:

  1. Research your replacement mattress. We recommend consulting a mattress guide or taking our mattress quiz to make sure you choose the right fit for your needs. As a quick primer, stomach sleepers typically need a firm mattress while back sleepers and side sleepers need a medium or medium-firm mattress with pressure point relief.
  2. Email WinkBeds’ customer support team at, and let them know you’d like to exchange your mattress.
  3. Pay the difference in cost—if your new mattress is more expensive than your old one—or be refunded the difference in cost between your original mattress and the new mattress. Either way, you’ll also be asked to pay $49, which covers the cost of shipping for your new mattress and any recycling fees for your old one. You can also check out the WinkBeds Mattress Coupons to get the best deal on your new mattress. 
  4. WinkBeds will start manufacturing your new mattress right away. They make sure to deliver your new mattress before picking up the old one, so you’re never without a place to sleep.
  5. Make sure your mattress is just right during a new 60-day trial period. You won’t be able to make another exchange, but you can return your second mattress for a full refund.

How Does the Return Policy Measure Up? 

We’ve seen a lot of return policies in our time as Mattress Nerds, and we think it’s clear: WinkBeds’ return policy is a step above the industry standard. How? Most mattress brands offer 100-day sleep trials, but WinkBeds gives you 120 days to make up your mind. We’ve rounded up three other popular mattress companies to show you how the WinkBeds return policy measures up.


Purple mattresses are known for their unique top layer and durability. They all come with a 100-night trial period and 21-night minimum before requesting a return or exchange. In order for a mattress to be returned, it has to be clean and undamaged. Customers are allowed one exchange, and the original trial period will continue from the delivery date of your original mattress (or you’ll receive at least a 30-day trial period for the new mattress).


Casper offers four mattress models, each featuring Casper’s proprietary AirScape foam comfort layer. They all come with a 100-night trial period, free return or exchanges, and a full refund (including shipping costs within the USA). You are required to sleep on your new mattress for at least 30 nights before requesting a return, and mattresses must be in a donatable condition to be eligible for a return or exchange.


Like WinkBeds, Saatva also offers a namesake hybrid innerspring mattress with a euro pillow top (check out our Saatva Luxury Firm vs. WinkBeds mattress comparison for more information). Saatva gives their mattress customers free white glove delivery and a 180-night trial period with no minimum time frame for returns. However, they charge a $99 transportation fee for mattress returns and exchanges. If you opt for an exchange, your new mattress also comes with a 180-night trial.

The Fine Print

Instead of sifting through the WinkBeds FAQS, we’ve compiled all of the most important fine print details related to the WinkBeds return policy. Skim through these bullet points to make sure all of your bases are covered.

  • The trial period and return policy for mattresses purchased from another retailer, like Amazon, may differ. Consult with your retailer for specifics about their trial period and return policy.  
  • Only one mattress sleep trial is allowed per customer or shipping address.
  • WinkBeds will pick up your returned WinkBeds mattress, but they don’t remove your old mattress upon initial delivery.
  • The 120-night trial period only applies to mattresses, not bed frames, sheet sets, mattress protectors, or adjustable bases.
  • Any delivery fees (such as those associated with mattress exchanges) are non-refundable.
  • If you request an exchange for a different mattress size (for example, swapping a Twin for a Twin XL), you won’t receive the additional 60-night trial period.
  • WinkBeds handles all returns and exchanges through email for documentation purposes, but you can call them with any questions at 1-855-946-5233.
  • If you notice any off-gassing (aka that “new mattress smell”) during the trial period, rest assured that it should dissipate within 24 to 48 hours. All of WinkBeds mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified for low emissions.
  • If you’re in the following cities, you can test out a WinkBeds mattress at one of several retailers that carry WinkBeds products: 
    • New York, NY
    • McLean, VA
    • Miami, FL
    • Edina, MN
    • Chicago, IL
    • Austin, TX

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