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Foam Mattress Reviews

Memory Foam mattresses burst on to the scene not too long ago and they changed the mattress game.  They remain one of the most popular choices for a number of different reasons.  Likely the biggest reason…they’re really comfortable and supportive.

Let’s turn back the clock…it’s 1966 and NASA just invented “Memory Foam.”  At the time, even the rocket scientists at NASA were thinking it was the perfect material to support your body…although it wasn’t while you slept.  It was for pilots!  Fast forward a couple of decades and some folks figured out that it’s not too shabby to lie down on either.  Now Memory Foam mattresses are practically industry standard!

Below we share some of our favorite memory foam mattresses.


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AllswellAllswellFoam7100 Nights10 Years$Check PriceFull Review
BearBearFoam6100 Nights20 Years$$Check PriceFull Review
CasperCasperFoam5100 Nights10 Years$$Check PriceFull Review
CasperEssentialFoam7100 Nights10 Years$Check PriceFull Review
CasperWaveFoam4100 Nights10 Years$$$$Check PriceFull Review
GhostbedLuxeFoam5101 Nights20 Years$$Check PriceFull Review
GhostbedOriginalFoam6101 Nights20 Years$$Check PriceFull Review
IdleIdleFoam6 / 8120 NightsLifetime$$$Check PriceFull Review
KeetsaCloudFoam690 Nights12 Year$$Check PriceFull Review
KeetsaTea Leaf SupremeFoam590 Nights12 Year$$$Check PriceFull Review
LaylaLaylaFoam4 / 6120 NightsLifetime$$Check PriceFull Review
LeesaLeesaFoam5100 Nights10 Years$$Check PriceFull Review
Level SleepLevelFoam5365 NightsLifetime$$$Check PriceFull Review
LullLullFoam6100 Nights10 Years$Check PriceFull Review
MarpacYogabedFoam5101 night10 Years$$Check PriceFull Review
NectarNectarFoam6365 NightsLifetime$Check PriceFull Review
NestAlexanderFoam5 / 7LifetimeLifetime$$$Check PriceFull Review
NestLove & SleepFoam5 / 7LifetimeLifetime$Check PriceFull Review
PuffyPuffyFoam5101 NightsLifetime$$Check PriceFull Review
PuffyPuffy LuxFoam6101 NightsLifetime$$$Check PriceFull Review
SaatvaLoom & LeafFoam5 / 8365 NightsLifetime$$$Check PriceFull Review
SaatvaSoliareFoamVaries120 Nights20 Years$$$$Check PriceFull Review
TempurpedicTempurCloudFoam390 Nights10 Years$$$$Check PriceFull Review
Tomorrow SleepTomorrow Sleep FoamFoam6365 Nights10 Years$Check PriceFull Review
Tuft & NeedleMintFoam5100 Nights10 Years$$Check PriceFull Review
Tuft & NeedleOriginalFoam6100 Nights10 Years$Check PriceFull Review
WrightWrightFoam6120 Nights20 Years$$$Check PriceFull Review
ZinusGreen TeaFoam6100 Nights10 Years$Check PriceFull Review

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