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Common Saatva Mattress Complaints

Learn what customers are saying about the Saatva Classic mattress and our thoughts, including whether the complaint is valid and how well the company responds.

By Natalie Yerger

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Consistently ranked as one of the best value beds on the market, the Saatva Classic is a luxury hybrid mattress with a cushioning Euro pillow top and conforming memory foam comfort layers. Designed to meet the needs of all sleep positions and sleeper types, it’s available in three firmness scale settings: Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm. Here at Mattress Nerd, we’ve spent a lot of time reviewing Saatva mattresses: 

Although Saatva almost always earns high marks across the board in edge support, comfort, durability, and much more, no mattress company or product is perfect. In this article, we pull back the curtain to reveal and address the most common complaints about the Saatva Classic mattress and the Saatva company. Keep reading for an honest look at what customers are saying and whether we agree with the common criticisms. When we find those customer complaints are valid, we provide alternatives and recommendations. Keep reading to see what we think of four top complaints from Saatva customers: 

  1. Unreliable Delivery Teams
  2. Expensive, and Sales Aren’t Common
  3. Returns Aren’t Completely Free
  4. Sags Over Time

Top Saatva Mattress Complaints

Unreliable Delivery Teams

One of the greatest perks of buying a Saatva mattress is that it comes with free White Glove delivery, which means a team will deliver and set up the mattress in your home and remove your old bed upon request. Because Saatva ships nationwide, they work with local moving companies on a contractual basis to fulfill orders. As a result, the reviews about the installation are varied, but many customers complain that the moving teams are unreliable.

For example, local crews have been known to reschedule at the last minute, arrive after the four-hour installation window, or neglect to contact customers to schedule a time at all. One reviewer who successfully scheduled her installation wrote about her poor experience: “Two men came to my home looking like they rolled out of a bar….They stomped all over my home and refused to move my existing mattress into my guest room….when it was quite obvious I couldn’t do it alone.” Another reviewer wrote that her delivery was only confirmed after she reached out for details.

  • Most Saatva mattress deliveries go very smoothly, but Saatva acknowledges that hiccups may occur due to the inconsistency that comes with outsourcing this part of its business. On average, Saatva customers seem happy with the delivery teams and dispatchers. Most customers are satisfied with Saatva’s response when issues arise. Considering Saatva customers still get free delivery for their new mattress and free delivery of the old mattress, this shouldn’t be enough to deter you from the brand.
  • Consider requesting information about who delivers Saatva mattresses in your area, or filter Saatva reviews on and by your state and zip code to see whether customers in your particular geographic area are satisfied with their deliveries.

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Saatva Is More Expensive, and Sales Aren’t Common

Saatva was intentionally founded as a luxury mattress company, so its beds aren’t the most affordable options on the market (a Saatva Classic in a Queen size costs roughly $1,300). Nonetheless, it may be disappointing for potential customers to discover that the brand doesn’t run promotions. In fact, the Saatva CEO believes that misleading marketing and inflated prices (that are then discounted) create a miserable shopping experience, so avoiding frequent promotions has become a part of Saatva’s business model.

Customers who aren’t aware of Saatva’s approach – which aims to make luxury mattress shopping easier for everyone – might find the price points frustrating. The Saatva framework may not please customers who are used to easily finding coupons and cutting several hundred dollars off the price of an online mattress.

  • Saatva doesn’t ever run Black Friday or seasonal sales because it believes one-day deep discounts are an indication that the product was sold at an inflated price. Occasionally, Saatva will offer $100-$200 off its full-priced mattresses. While these coupons might not offer as deep of a discount as other brands’ blowout sales, the truth is that you get what you see with a Saatva purchase: a high-quality mattress made with luxury materials.
  • If Saatva’s inflexible pricing model bothers you, consider holding out for one of their occasional sales or using one of our coupons. Keep in mind that Saatva also offers financing options with monthly payments. The 180-night trial period also gives you some breathing room: it allows you to return the bed for a full refund minus a $99 transportation fee if you find that it isn’t a good fit.

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Returns Aren’t Completely Free

All Saatva mattresses come with a 180-night sleep trial, which is a little longer than the average sleep trial period in the mattress industry. However, some customers take issue with the fact that, while most mattresses with trial periods offer returns completely free, the Saatva return policy includes a $99 transportation fee. In the end, you’ll be refunded for the cost of the mattress minus this mattress removal fee.

  • Because the Saatva ships its products full size rather than compressed and rolled as a bed-in-a-box, it costs the company significantly more to pick up a mattress when it is returned. Saatva outlines its $99 transportation fee clearly on its return policy page and doesn’t attempt to hide it in the fine print. Customers should be aware of this policy prior to purchasing a Saatva mattress and should also understand that they will be responsible for initiating the return.
  • With any mattress purchase, it’s essential to read through the company’s policies regarding delivery, sleep trial periods and returns before investing in the product.

Sags Over Time

The most serious complaint of the four on this list is that the Saatva can tend to sag in the center for some customers after a relatively modest amount of use. This is a common complaint that’s typically accompanied by a description of deep impression marks in the mattress, back pain and sagging in the middle after less than six months of use. Some reviewers write that sagging occurs in as little as three months after the original purchase. Interestingly, Saatva acknowledges on its company blog that some sagging in a mattress is normal. They also offer solutions for body impressions.

  • It’s unclear whether the sagging customers experience on the Saatva Classic is a result of the bed’s construction or an inappropriate firmness level for their body type. After customers have contacted Saatva to let them know that the product is sagging, their experience with the company varies. One reviewer wrote that “[her] mattress started sagging….and they are sending [her] a new mattress free of charge.” Other reviewers are so frustrated by the unexpected sagging that they want to return the mattress rather than take advantage of the returns and repairs offered by the warranty coverage. However, this isn’t possible outside of the 180-day trial window.
  • If you think that you need a more supportive mattress for your body type or sleep style, consider the Saatva HD, which is designed for heavyweight individuals and couples. The Saatva Classic in the Firm setting is also less likely to sag than the Plush Soft and Luxury Firm settings. 

What We Love About Saatva Mattress 

The Saatva Classic is one of the best mattress options for shoppers looking for a luxury pick at a reasonable price point. Its innerspring support system and Euro top cotton cover combine the best of both worlds. The coil-on-coil system (two coil layers) keeps the mattress breathable and durable while the topper mimics the comfort of an all-foam mattress or memory foam mattress for pressure relief and contouring.

This bed is also one of the most universal on the market, with three firmness options so that people of all sleeping positions – including side sleepers, stomach sleepers, back sleepers and combination sleepers – can find a fit that works for them. It’s also available in two heights (11.5” and 14.5”), with the taller option offering a different aesthetic with the same feel. If you’re set on an adjustable bed frame, keep in mind that the taller version is not compatible with that type of frame.

The Saatva is available in sizes Twin through California King. It’s made in the USA and comes with a 15-year warranty and a 180-day sleep trial. To learn what else we love about this mattress, read our Saatva mattress review

Saatva Mattress Highlights 

  • Several firmness options to support all kinds of sleepers
  • 15-year warranty
  • Combination of coils and memory foam for pressure relief


Check out our comparison tool to see how it stacks up.

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Saatva mattress complaints are few and far between. Even in cases where they’re valid, Saatva’s customer service team appears to ensure that customers are satisfied. The common issues listed above shouldn’t be enough to deter you from purchasing a Saatva Classic, but if you think the bed’s construction isn’t for you, consider a Saatva alternative, like the Zenhaven latex mattress or the Loom & Leaf memory foam bed, both of which are manufactured by Saatva’s sister brands and available on the Saatva website. If you’re not familiar with all of Saatva’s offerings, our Saatva mattress comparison is a good place to start.

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