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Comparing Saatva Mattresses

Saatva is a luxury mattress brand known for high-quality workmanship and customer service. If you’re trying to decide which Saatva mattress is the perfect one for you, or if you simply want to learn more about the brand, you’re in the right place. For more of the best online mattress brands, check out our other favorites!

Saatva Mattress Models 

Price class

Saatva Classic


15 year





Price class


Saatva HD


20 Years




Memory Foam

Price class


Saatva Latex Hybrid


15 years





Price class


Saatva Classic

  • Best ForValue seekers, those who tend to sleep hot and sleepers of all weights and sleeping positions.
  • Price Range: $849 to $2,099
  • Standout Feature: The Classic has a cozy Euro pillow top and a sturdy coil-on-coil support system. It’s available in three firmness levels and two thickness profiles, ensuring practically anyone can find a comfortable option.

The Saatva Classic is a luxury innerspring mattress, and it’s the brand’s most popular option because it comes in three firmness levels – Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm – and has great performance across the board, including edge support, pressure relief, and durability.

If you’re lightweight or averageweight and like the breathability of a coil system but want the conforming feeling of a mixed memory foam layer, this bed can offer you that at a reasonable price. For an extra pricing perspective, the Saatva HD is nearly double the price of the Saatva Classic.

The Classic works for all sleeping positions, but back and stomach sleepers should go with the firm option and side sleepers and combination sleepers should choose between the plush and medium-firm settings. For more firm mattresses, see our picks for the best mattress for stomach sleepers.

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Saatva HD

  • Best For: Heavyweight individuals, couples and anyone who wants an ultra-supportive mattress.
  • Price Range: $1,499 to $2,899
  • Standout Feature: Specifically designed with thick latex, memory foam comfort layers and low-gauge offset coils, the HD is resilient and supportive enough for heavy sleepers.

The HD’s thick-gauge support coil layer and dense comfort foam layers make it the best mattress for heavy people, couples and people who simply like a strong support system in their mattress. This mattress will feel much sturdier than the Classic, but you’ll get the same airflow and responsiveness. Heavyweight sleepers shouldn’t experience any sinking in the back or side positions, and combination sleepers should fare fine as well, especially if they don’t typically sleep on their stomachs.

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Saatva Latex Hybrid

  • Best For: Eco-conscious shoppers, people who love the pressure-free support of latex and hot sleepers.
  • Price Range: $1,099 to $2,199
  • Standout Feature: Designed for sustainable shoppers, this is an all-natural mattress that won’t break the bank. It’s naturally hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and free of harmful chemicals. Still, the Saatva Latex Hybrid costs roughly $400 less than the all-latex Zenhaven. Take a look at this article if you’d like to learn more about the best organic mattresses.

This newly released Saatva model is a latex mattress that seems to offer the best of both worlds from the Saatva Classic and the Zenhaven (Saatva’s sister brand that makes high-priced Talalay latex beds). It has a bouncy, breathable innerspring core similar to the Classic’s but replaces the Classic’s Euro top with Talalay latex and wool. The result is a mattress that conforms to the body in a similar way, but with a more responsive feel overall. The Latex Hybrid is only available in a Plush Soft setting, making it best for lightweight and strict side sleepers. For other mattresses that make movement easy, like this latex mattress, see our choices for the best mattress for combination sleepers.

For more information, check out our full Saatva Latex Hybrid Mattress Review.

Saatva Solaire

  • Best For: Couples with different firmness scale preferences and airbed shoppers interested in a value option.
  • Price Range: $1,997 to $3,995
  • Standout Feature: Saatva’s organic cotton, latex, and other high-quality materials set the Solaire apart from most airbeds, and it differs from Saatva’s other mattresses by providing sleepers with 50 firmness settings that can be controlled on each side.

The Solaire is Saatva’s one and only airbed style mattress, making it our pick for people who want total control over how soft or firm their bed feels on each side. It’s a great mattress for couples who have drastically different firmness preferences and people with a large budget, considering a Queen costs just shy of $2,800.

For all the details, check out our full Saatva Solaire Mattress Review.

Saatva by Sleep Style

Saatva Classic Saatva HD Saatva Latex Hybrid Saatva Solaire
Side Sleeper  ✅  ✅  ✅  ✅
Back Sleeper  ✅  ✅  ✅
Stomach Sleeper  ✅  ✅
Combination Sleeper  ✅  ✅  ✅
Sleeps Hot  ✅  ✅  ✅  ✅
Sleeps with Partner  ✅  ✅  ✅
Has Back/Hip/Neck Pain  ✅  ✅  ✅  ✅

A quick glance at the chart above reveals that most Saatva mattresses earn checks across the board in almost every category, but here’s what that means.

The Saatva Classic is the most universal and value friendly. It has three firmness options, pressure point relief for every sleeping position and a price tag lower than $2,000. It can work for almost anyone other than couples who wake very easily at night; the Classic’s tendency toward motion transfer means that movement on one side of the bed can affect the other side. However, it can also be considered the best mattress for back sleepers, in the Saatva line, preventing lower back pain.

The Solaire is the most customizable mattress of the group (you’ll have 50 settings to choose from on each side), and the HD’s thick-gauge coils and dense comfort system make it the best pick for heavyweight sleepers and couples. The Latex Hybrid is a great option for lightweight and strict side sleepers who like the idea of the Saatva Classic but prefer a more responsive feel and eco-friendly materials.

Saatva Construction

Saatva Classic Saatva HD Saatva Latex Hybrid Saatva Solaire
Cover Organic cotton pillow top Organic cotton pillow top Organic cotton cover Organic cotton pillow top
Layer 1 (top) Polyfoam and memory foam with Lumbar Zone technology Talalay latex with 5-zone support

Memory foam and support foams

Organic wool 5-zone Talalay latex
Layer 2 (Transition) Individually wrapped, 14.5-gauge pocketed coils N/A Talalay latex Gel-infused memory foam

Moisture barrier

Support Core and Base 13-gauge steel Bonnell coils

Dual Perimeter foam encasement

12.5-gauge steel coil base

High-density foam encasement

Individually wrapped coils 

Organic Eco Loft Pad base

Vulcanized air chambers

Power Edge enclosure

Mattress Thickness 11.5” or 14.5” 15.5” 13″ 13″

Saatva Pricing 

Twin Twin XL Full Queen King  Cal King Split King Split Cal King
Saatva Classic $849 $999 $1,049 $1,399 $1,499 $1,899 $2,098 $2,099
Saatva HD $1,499 $1,699 $1,999 $2,599 $2,899 $2,899 $3,299 N/A
Saatva Latex Hybrid $1,099 $1,249 $1,599 $1,799 $2,199 $2,199 $2,499 N/A
Saatva Solaire N/A $1,997 $2,695 $2,795 $3,295 $3,295 $3,995 $4,095

Dimensions & Specs 

Twin Twin XL Full Queen King  California King
All Saatva mattresses 38” x 75” 38” x 80” 54” x 75” 60” x 80” 76” x 80” 72” x 84”

Saatva Mattress Warranty, Shipping & Sleep Trial

Saatva goes above and beyond with its shipping policies by offering a more luxurious experience than most bed-in-a-box online mattress brands. When you buy a Saatva mattress, it’s shipped full size and comes with free White Glove delivery, which includes in-home setup and old mattress removal upon request.

All Saatva beds come with a 180-night sleep trial, which means you’ll have up to four months to test out the bed in the comfort of your home and decide if it’s right for you. Saatva’s return policy states that if you decide to return the mattress, you’ll receive a full refund minus a $99 transportation fee.

All Saatva mattresses are backed by a warranty that lasts from 15 to 25 years, depending on the mattress. For example, the Saatva Classic is covered by a 15-year warranty that protects against defects such as deep indentations. The coverage for each Saatva model is similar but not exactly the same. 

Saatva FAQs

How long do Saatva mattresses last?

Saatva states that its mattresses last 10 to 15 years with normal usage, which is above average.

How many factories manufacture Saatva products?

Saatva mattresses are manufactured in 19 American factories and orders are fulfilled by 145 different centers. Your new mattress will ship from the center closest to your delivery address.

Are there stores where I can try out Saatva mattresses?

Saatva operates one viewing room in New York City where you can experience all Saatva mattresses, including the Loom & Leaf and Zenhaven mattresses. If you don’t live in New York, Saatva designed the 180-night home trial to give you the opportunity to sleep on the bed with a no-hassle return policy.

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Key Details About Saatva

Saatva is a United States-based luxury mattress manufacturer that was launched in 2010. The company offers a wide variety of options that includes memory foam, latex, hybrid, airbed, and innerspring mattresses. The company is known for its dedication to high-quality products, 24/7 customer service, and reasonable price points. See: Saatva coupons

The Saatva Classic is the brand’s flagship innerspring mattress and most popular model. Saatva also sells the Saatva HD, a latex-innerspring model for heavyweight sleepers, the Solaire, an adjustable airbed mattress, and the Saatva Latex Hybrid, which is similar to the Classic but comes in one firmness setting (Plush Soft) that has a bouncier feel. Saatva also sells the Zenhaven latex mattress and Loom & Leaf memory foam bed, which were introduced as sister brands but are now available at Saatva.com. All of the mattress offerings can be mattresses for side sleepers, given the firmness options.

There are a total of six models under the Saatva brand, and the sheer number of choices can feel overwhelming. In this mattress comparison guide, we take a look at each of the four Saatva brand mattresses to help you understand how they feel, how much they cost, and who they’re best for. We also share a couple of charts with easy-to-digest information to help you quickly decide which Saatva bed is the right new mattress for your home.

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