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GhostBed Mattress Warranty Breakdown

Learn how thorough the warranty coverage for GhostBed’s mattresses is and how it stacks up to other policies in the industry.

By Natalie Yerger

GhostBed is a popular bed-in-a-box mattress brand that was launched in 2015 by Nature’s Sleep. The brand is known for creating comfortable yet supportive mattresses that incorporate high-quality features and materials, like cooling technology and latex foam, at reasonable prices. GhostBed sells its products on and on some third-party retailer websites like Amazon.

GhostBed currently sells four mattresses that cater to different sleeper types and sleeping positions. These include the original GhostBed mattress, an all-foam model with latex foam and cooling gel memory foam layers, the GhostBed Luxe, a memory foam mattress with several cooling phase-change comfort layers, the GhostBed Flex, a solution for combination sleepers that has foam top layers and a coil support layer for added responsiveness, and the GhostBed 3D Matrix, which is similar to the Flex but adds a layer of polymer gel for above-average pressure relief and contouring.

The brand is also known for its generous product policies, which include a 101-night sleep trial, a flexible return policy, free shipping within 1 to 2 business days, and a 25- or 20-year warranty with every new mattress purchase. Below, we review the GhostBed warranties to help you understand how long they last, what they do and don’t cover and how they compare to other warranty policies in the industry.

GhostBed Mattress Warranty Overview

The average mattress warranty coverage period is about ten years. GhostBed’s coverage period is double this average at a minimum. Warranty coverage ranges from 20 to 25 years depending on the model purchased.

The original GhostBed foam and latex mattress is covered by a 20-year warranty, while the Luxe, Flex and 3D Matrix mattresses are covered by 25-year warranties.

How Long Does the GhostBed Warranty Period Last?

All GhostBed warranties are pro-rated, which means that GhostBed will repair or replace defective mattresses, minus the cost of handling or transportation, for the first ten years of the warranty.

Between years 11 to 20 or 11 to 25, depending on the length of the warranty, GhostBed will repair the mattress and charge a handling cost to the owner or replace the mattress and charge the owner for transportation costs plus a prorated charge. The pro-rated charge is 50% of the original purchase price in the 11th year and increases 5% every year thereafter.

Keep in mind that the mattress cover for all four models is only warranted one year from the original date of purchase against faults in material or workmanship. As such, a mattress protector is recommended.

What is Covered by the GhostBed Warranty?

Indentations and Body Impressions

GhostBed claims that “visible and lasting indentations (body impressions) greater than one inch” are covered, but this does not include sagging associated with foundation, platform, or box spring issues. 

Mattress Cover

For all four GhostBed models, the mattress cover is only backed by the warranty for one year from the date of original purpose. Coverage includes faults in material or workmanship, but GhostBed does not specify what qualifies as a “fault” in the outer cover. 

Physical Flaws, Including Splitting and Cracking

Most mattress warranties include coverage for physical flaws that occur when normal usage and proper handling is observed. Splitting and cracking in the latex and memory foam materials are examples of physical flaws.

Repair and Replacements Costs for Defective Mattresses

If your mattress is deemed defective by GhostBed, the company will cover repair and replacement costs for the first 10 years. Still, you may be responsible for the cost of handling and any prorated charge for replacements.During and after year 11, owners will be required to pay a prorated replacement cost. 

What the GhostBed Warranty Does Not Cover

Off Gassing Smells

Memory foam, which is included in all GhostBed models, is known to release an odor. This is normal and known as off gassing, and GhostBed does not cover issues with odors and smells that are associated with its new mattresses.

Discomfort and Mattress Feel

GhostBed does not offer coverage for issues with how its mattresses feel or how a consumer rates their pressure relief, motion isolation, or other performance aspects. This  means that, even if the brand advertises a mattress as medium firm, it may not feel that way to every individual sleeper.

Feel and firmness settings are subjective, so if you purchase a bed that you expect to alleviate back pain or provide relief for pressure points and are disappointed, GhostBed will not cover repairs or replacements. This is the purpose of the brand’s extensive sleep trial, which gives customers the opportunity to test out a mattress with the option to return it for a full refund if they’re not satisfied.

Changes in the Cooling Properties of the Mattress

Even if shoppers find that the GhostBed begins to sleep a little warmer over time, GhostBed does not provide coverage for repair or replacements associated with changes in the cooling properties of its mattresses. The brand claims that a decrease in the effectiveness of these cooling features is normal over time with use and exposure to the environment.

Our Opinion on the GhostBed Warranty

The bottom line about GhostBed’s warranties: they’re on par with other mattress companies with regard to coverage and a little more generous than average with regard to length. It’s important that mattress shoppers read the fine print of longer-than-average warranties because, oftentimes, the coverage for replacements and repairs becomes prorated after several years of ownership.

In other words, although GhostBed technically offers 20 to 25 years of coverage, the first ten years of the warranty are the most beneficial. After year 10, owners will be responsible for a relatively large portion of the cost of the repair or replacement.

GhostBed also skirts full protection for customers by explicitly stating that some of its materials are bound to decrease in effectiveness over time. We appreciate that GhostBed is honest about this in the warranty information provided on, but consumers would benefit from full coverage that includes protection from long-term issues with the beds’ cooling features, especially if that’s the main reason the customer purchased their GhostBed mattress.

For more information about the original GhostBed, including pricing, feel, trial period length, and more, that may help you determine if it’s the best mattress for you, visit our GhostBed Mattress Review.

Things that Would Void the GhostBed Warranty?

  • The mattress has been physically damaged, burned, cut, or stained
  • Products that are abnormally soiled or unsanitary
  • Second-hand sale of the mattress to anyone but the original purchaser
  • Mattresses not registered with GhostBed within 30 days of purchase
  • Mattresses that are not purchased from an authorized dealer
  • Proof of purchase (original store receipt) is not provided
  • Use of an inappropriate foundation, platform bed frame, or slat base

Filing A Warranty Claim with GhostBed

The process for filing a warranty claim is the same regardless of which GhostBed mattress you purchase. For your claim to be reviewed, your GhostBed must be registered on within 30 days of the original purchase date, you must be the original purchaser, and you must have proof of purchase via a copy of the original store receipt that reflects the purchase date, location and price.

GhostBed customers have two options for filing a claim:

  1. Call – Contact GhostBed’s customer service team by calling 1-855-855-4499 to get started with filing your claim. 
  2. Email – Send an email to GhostBed’s customer service team by emailing and include details about the defect, photograph proof, and an attachment of your original purchase receipt.

FAQs about the GhostBed Warranty 

How long does a GhostBed mattress last?

All GhostBed mattresses should last 7 to 10 years on average. Expect GhostBed’s all-foam models to break down faster than its hybrid models, which feature a durable coil core.

How do I register my GhostBed warranty?

To register your GhostBed mattress warranty, visit this site and enter information about your mattress within 30 days of purchase.

What is the GhostBed return policy?

GhostBed offers a 101-night sleep trial period during which customers can initiate no-hassle returns for their mattresses. Returns are free minus shipping and handling if you live in the contiguous United States.

For all GhostBed models, you’ll be required to sleep on the mattress for at least 30 nights prior to initiating a return. All sales are final to Alaska and Hawaii. GhostBed does not ship outside of the USA at this time.

Why is the brand called GhostBed?

The owner of GhostBed named the brand after his fear of ghosts hiding under his bed as a child.

Does GhostBed offer warranties for its other products and accessories?

Yes, in fact almost every product GhostBed sells is covered by a warranty, including adjustable bases, pillows, sheets, box springs, and more.