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Casper Mattress Comparison

Casper has become one of the most well-known, best bed-in-a-box mattress companies in operation. In this roundup of Casper’s products, we’ll tell you what we love about the brand and these mattresses.


Why We Love Casper and Why You Will Too

Casper Sleep is a bed-in-a-box online mattress company that was established in 2014. Casper offers three mattress models, including two hybrid mattresses and one foam mattress: the Casper Nova Hybrid, the Casper Wave Hybrid, and the Casper Original. The Casper Original is the brand’s flagship mattress, and it’s an all-foam bed with a neutral feel that suits nearly any sleeper type.

The Nova Hybrid is Casper’s affordable luxury hybrid option, meaning it’s more premium than the Casper Original but still affordable. The Casper Wave is the brand’s luxury offering, and it’s a hybrid bed with zoned support. Keep reading to learn about the differences between the three models, how they’re built, their pros and cons, their price points, and who we recommend each for.

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Casper Mattress Models 

Price class

Casper Original

4.8 / 5.0



Memory Foam

Price class


Casper Nova Hybrid

4.6 / 5.0




Price class


Casper Wave Hybrid

4.9 / 5.0




Price class


Casper Original Mattress

  • Best For: Sleepers who like a neutral foam feel, lightweight and averageweight sleepers and shoppers on a budget. 
  • Price Range: $595 – $1,295
  • Standout Feature: Award-winning, highly accommodating feel that works for a wide variety of body types, sleeping positions, and personal preferences.

The Original Casper was Casper’s first bed, and it’s still the most popular of the three primary options. It has the simplest construction, featuring three foam layers that include a base layer of support foam, a zoned transition memory foam layer, and a top layer of open-cell foam that’s perforated to improve airflow.

Of the three mattresses, the Original Casper offers the most value to shoppers in that its performance across quite a few categories is stellar for the price. It blends a balance of contouring and support, works for all sleeping positions if you’re lightweight or average weight, and eliminates noise and motion isolation, making it a strong pick for couples, too. 

In short, if you’re looking for a middle-of-the-road price point and a feel that’s likely going to be comfortable for practically anyone who sleeps on it, the Casper Original is your best bet. Plus, the Original is also available as a hybrid for a few hundred dollars more, in case you like the way the bed feels but typically sleep hot on foam beds.

Casper Nova Hybrid Mattress

  • Best For: Sleepers who want superior pressure relief, are strict side sleepers, or like a plush feel.
  • Price Range: $1,095 to $2,295
  • Standout Feature: This medium-soft (4/10) hybrid offers better pressure relief than the Original with the breathability and durability of a pocketed coil support core.

The Casper Nova Wave is one of Casper’s newest beds, and it’s a hybrid mattress with a soft, plush feel that’s about 4/10 on the firmness scale. This mattress falls right in the middle with regard to price—it’s not as expensive as the premium Wave Hybrid but it’s more costly than the Original.

Like the Original, the Casper Nova has a neutral foam feel but is softer overall. This is our pick from Casper for side sleepers and lightweight sleepers who need that extra give to sink into the mattress for contouring and comfort. Of all three Casper mattress types,  it’s also our pick for people who want to invest a little more in their mattress but not quite as much as the Nova Hybrid. While targeted toward side sleepers, the Nova can also work for back sleepers and some combination sleepers who weigh less than 230 pounds.

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Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress

  • Best For: Shoppers with a large budget who sleep hot, sleep with a partner or want a mattress that conforms closely to the body.
  • Price Range: $1,495 to $2,995
  • Standout Feature: The transitional layer features gel pods in the center third, which add support and resilience to the middle of the mattress. The bed also has above-average pressure relief, cooling, and motion isolation.

The main characteristic that sets  the Wave Hybrid apart from the Nova Hybrid and the Casper Original is the price. It’s one of the best beds you can buy online, with premium, advanced features and a feel and support level that can suit anyone who isn’t heavyweight.

The Wave Hybrid also differs from the other two beds because it contains a Hyper-Targeted Zoned Support layer of small gel pods, which are a more advanced and durable version of the foam zoned support in the Nova and the Original. It also feels a lot more resilient than the other two mattresses and bounces back quickly when pressed; you might expect that considering its price point. This is the bed we recommend if you don’t have a budget and want to get the most advanced option of the three.

Which Casper Mattress Should I Buy?

Casper Original Nova Hybrid Wave Hybrid
Side Sleeper
Back Sleeper
Stomach Sleeper
Combination Sleeper
Sleeps Hot
Sleeps with Partner
Has Back/Hip/Neck Pain

Casper Mattress Construction

Casper Original Nova Hybrid Wave Hybrid
Cover Recycled polyester blend Recycled polyester blend Recycled polyester blend
Layer 1 (Top/Comfort Layer) AirScape perforated foam Plush AirScape perforated foam AirScape perforated foam with cooling gel coating
Layer 2 (Transitional Layer) Zoned Support memory foam Zoned Support Pro memory foam (7 zones) AirScape perforated foam
Layer 3 N/A N/A AirScape perforated foam

Zoned Support Max memory foam

Layer 4 N/A N/A Gel pods

Zoned Support Max memory foam

Support Layers Polyfoam base Pocketed coils with firmer foam border for edge support Pocketed coils with firmer foam border for edge support
Mattress Thickness 12” 12” 12”

Casper Mattress Pricing 

Mattress Model Twin Twin XL Full Queen King Cal King
Casper Original $595 $695 $995 $1,095 $1,295 $1,295
Casper Nova Hybrid $1,095 $1,245 $1,795 $1,995 $2,295 $2,295
Casper Wave Hybrid $1,495 $1,695 $2,395 $2,595 $2,995 $2,995

Dimensions & Specs 

*All dimensions are identical for all three Casper mattress models.

Twin Twin XL Full Queen King Cal King
38” x 75” 38” x 80” 53” x 75” 60” x 80” 76” x 80” 72” x 84”

Casper Mattress Warranty, Shipping & Sleep Trial

Casper has similar policies for all three of its mattresses, but they’re a little more generous with the Wave Hybrid. You’ll get free shipping to the contiguous U.S. and Canada if you order the Casper Original or the Casper Nova, and White Glove Delivery is available at an additional charge. For the Casper Wave Hybrid, free White Glove delivery comes with your purchase. The purchase also includes shipping, in-home setup and the removal of your old mattress upon request. Your order typically arrives within five business days. Keep in mind that there will be an extra charge for delivery if you live in Hawaii or Alaska.

All three mattresses come with a risk-free, 100-night trial. The trial period begins when your items are delivered, so you’ll have more than three months to test out your mattress with the option to return it for a full refund. If you don’t like your bed, simply contact Casper to initiate a return within the trial. Returned mattresses are donated to charity or recycled.

If you decide to keep your Casper mattress, it’s covered by Casper’s 10-year warranty. All Casper mattresses have the same level of warranty coverage. Keep in mind that every third-party retailer has its own return policies, so your new mattress may or may not come with a sleep trial and warranty. Be sure to reach out before you purchase your bed of choice. Check out what mattress warranties cover more generally with this post. 

Casper FAQs

Is there any advantage to buying one of Casper’s hybrid mattresses instead of the all-foam one?

All-foam and hybrid beds each have their pros and cons. Hybrid mattresses are said to combine the best qualities of innerspring and foam beds, providing breathability and responsiveness with the comfort and pressure relief of foam. However, they tend to be the most expensive mattress style on the market. Layers of foam in all-foam beds tend to sleep hot and deteriorate faster, but many sleepers will argue that nothing compares to the comfort of a memory foam or mixed-foam mattress.

Is the Casper Wave worth the extra money?

This depends. The Wave Hybrid is the best of the best from Casper Sleep, but you’ll also be paying much more for this bed. If you can afford or really need the extra support provided by the zoned gel pods in the center third of the mattress, it might be a good option for you.

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What are Casper’s shipping, sleep trial, and warranty policies?

Casper offers free shipping with every new mattress purchase. Your mattress will come with a risk-free trial, which gives you more than three months to decide whether the bed is right for you. If you don’t like the bed, Casper will coordinate pickup of the mattress and provide a full refund. Casper mattresses come with a 10-year warranty that protects against defects.

Where can I purchase Casper’s mattresses?

All three of Casper’s mattresses are available at Casper.com and in Casper retail locations. Casper partners with Amazon, Target, and some other retailers to sell its products, but it’s unclear whether the Casper Wave Hybrid and Casper Nova Hybrid are consistently sold by these third-party retailers. If you’d rather not head out to a store to purchase a new mattress, check out our best online mattresses

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