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Common Casper Mattress Complaints

In this article, we address most common complaints about this popular bed-in-a-box mattress brand.

By Natalie Yerger

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The Original Casper mattress is an all-foam mattress by Casper Sleep, one of the most popular online mattress companies today. Similar to many foam beds, the Casper Original contains layers of memory foam, proprietary foam, and supportive polyfoam. It has a neutral, accommodating soft foam feel that many sleepers love.

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While Casper consistently receives positive reviews on its site and on review websites like and, the company has also received some negative feedback. In this article, we pull back the curtain on the most common issues customers take up with Casper. We also provide more details about each problem and whether or not we think they’re more serious or simply subjective. We’ll also provide a few solutions for some of these issues. 

As a primer, here’s a shortlist of the common Casper mattress complaints we’ll address in this article:

  1.  Expensive
  2. Customer Service
  3.  Doesn’t Last Long for the Price
  4.  Not for People with Back Pain

Keep reading to learn more about common Casper mattress complaints.

Top Casper Mattress Complaints


Some reviewers complain that the Casper mattress is expensive, and Casper mattresses are certainly not cheap compared to affordable foam mattresses elsewhere for under $1,000 or $500. In fact, Casper’s other models, including the Casper Original Hybrid, the Casper Wave Hybrid, and the Casper Nova Hybrid, cost between $200 to $1,000 more than the Casper Original.

This price tag difference is quite the jump considering the beds share one or more features with the flagship mattress. Nonetheless, Casper Original reviewers commonly write comments like, “The bed itself wasn’t terrible, but for the money, we didn’t love it.”

  • Complaints about Casper’s cost are surprising given that the Casper Original retails for just over $1,000 in the Queen size. That being said, it’s important to understand that people evaluate the cost based on how well a product performs against their expectations. Overall, we think the Casper is fairly priced for customers who understand that it’s designed to be a comfortable, accommodating mattress: not the best mattress they’ve ever slept on. See: Casper promo codes
  • Shoppers’ frustration with Casper’s pricing may indicate that Casper’s marketing claims overshoot their mattresses’ capabilities with regard to comfort, durability, or overall performance. Be sure to thoroughly read customer reviews so that you can understand what to expect with your mattress purchase. And take a look at our best affordable mattresses page. 

Less Expensive Options 


The Leesa is a close-conforming, all-foam mattress with a similar firmness setting to the Casper (5/10), but it costs about $100 less in every size.

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The Nectar is a three-layer, all-foam mattress that cradles the body much like the Casper. It has a mid-level firmness (6/10) and costs less than $1,000 in every size. The Nectar also comes with free shipping, a full year trial, and a Lifetime warranty, which boosts the bed’s overall value relative to its cost.

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Customer Service

Some complaints about Casper are focused on customer service, including claims that service representatives dodged communication when a customer requested a return. Other disgruntled customers were upset that the bed felt softer to them than advertised. To help paint the picture, here are two examples:

One reviewer ordered a Casper mattress and received no tracking number, only to find out two weeks later that the shipment had been lost. The customer was assured a supervisor would reach out to rectify the situation. The reviewer reported that a supervisor did not reach out  and that Casper was unwilling to compensate her for a poor experience.

Another reviewer writes about her initial confidence in buying a reputable product through Casper and her subsequent disappointment that her Casper mattress took more than four weeks to ship. This was particularly upsetting for the shopper, who was pregnant and experiencing back pain.

  • Thumbing through the reviews carefully reveals that some Casper customers take issue because they misunderstand the company’s policies or have expectations about promises that Casper did not clearly set forth in the first place. For example, while Casper promises that its mattresses ship free, it does not classify a specific shipping window. 
  • As with any investment purchase, carefully review Casper’s fine print before buying a mattress, bedding accessories, or furniture from the company.
  • Consider inquiring with a Casper representative about delivery windows, how customer service handles common issues, or any concerns you have before making a purchase.

Doesn’t Last Long for the Price

One of the most common complaints from reviewers is that while the bed feels comfortable at first, it begins to sag, have impressions, or create back pain anywhere from 100 days to six months after purchase. One reviewer wrote that, at 6’4” and 260 pounds, he probably needed a firmer bed. Still, Casper advertises the mattress as “good for sleepers of all kinds.”

Another reviewer writes that “after three years, the bed [did not] work like it did when first new.” This reviewer also commented that after more than six attempts to contact the company with his concerns, he was ultimately ignored.

Other customer complaints about the Casper’s durability involve issues with back pain and soreness, the mattress sagging in the middle and around the edges, and the bed becoming much softer over time than it was initially.

  • Foam mattresses are not known for their durability, but the Casper has a relatively strong support system for a foam bed. While it technically lasts about seven years, sleepers may find that body impressions formed night after night of sleep make the bed more uncomfortable. To see more mattresses delivered straight to your home, check out our picks for the best bed in a box mattresses. 

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  • If you’re concerned about how long the Casper will last, consider investing in the Casper Hybrid. For about $200 more, you can get everything the Casper Original offers in addition to a coil core, which will improve the bed’s durability, support, and edge support. 
  • Consider how long you plan to own the bed and where you plan to use it. Is this a short-term purchase for a dorm room or apartment, or do you want to have a mattress that’s comfortable for a very long time? We recommend budgeting and choosing your new bed accordingly.
  • Rotate the mattress seasonally to help promote even wear and prevent body impressions.

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Not for People with Back Pain

It’s common to read through Casper reviews with one or two stars and see that customers actually experience more back pain after sleeping on the mattress than they did on their previous mattress. Some reviewers mention that they are heavier individuals, and the Casper is designed for lightweight and average weight sleepers.

Other reviewers mention that they see excessive sagging in the mattress. In general, reviewers who mention “terrible back pain” from a night’s sleep on the Casper seem to find the bed too soft to keep their spine in proper alignment.

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  • Different mattresses are suited for different sleeper types, and how well a bed alleviates or prevents back pain is very dependent on your weight, body type, and sleeping position. The three foam layers of the Casper mattress may soften and sag slightly over time, meaning it may be most appropriate for lightweight and side sleepers.
  • If your bed begins to feel too soft, consider adding a topper. A mattress topper in addition to a mattress can moderately or drastically change the firmness level and feel of the bed.
  • Read our mattress firmness guide before buying the Casper to ensure its medium setting (about 5/10) is appropriate and will properly align your spine.

Mattresses Made For Sleepers with Back Pain

Casper Wave Hybrid

Casper’s luxury hybrid mattress, the Casper Wave, has a medium firm feel and advanced features like zoned support. Its coil core makes it a more supportive option for sleepers with back pain, and you should experience less sagging and sinkage with the Wave Hybrid than all-foam mattress models.

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Bear Hybrid

Our top mattress pick for people with back and neck pain, the Bear Hybrid captures some of the most coveted mattress features and packs them into one construction. It has a thicker-than-average support core to prevent sagging and a plush, pillow-top comfort layer. 

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What We Love About Casper Original Mattress 

All Casper products have a relatively solid reputation among consumers, but here’s what we’ve noticed shoppers love that’s unique to the Casper Original.

Casper recently redesigned the Casper Original, so it now has a speckled gray mattress cover. It used to be a four layer all-foam bed, and now it has a more simple three layer construction. The top layer of foam is perforated to help with airflow and feels neutral to the touch.

This universally accommodating foam feel is something that some customers love about the Casper, and it’s part of what makes it appropriate for side sleepers, back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and combination sleepers alike. No matter your sleeping position, you should be able to find contouring and relief for pressure points with the Casper if you’re lightweight or average weight.

The second of Casper’s foam layers is a zoned support layer, which is firmer under the torso (where your body needs more support) and softer at the head and feet (where you need more pressure relief). The support layer is made from high-density polyfoam.

Foam bed lovers also like that the Casper doesn’t lead to overheating. This simply means that while it doesn’t sleep hot, it doesn’t sleep cool either. If you normally sleep hot on all-foam beds, this characteristic will work in your favor.

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The Casper is also widely available. It’s sold at more than 2,000 brick-and-mortar stores across the United States and online at Amazon, Target,, and more. Finally, sleepers tend to love Casper’s price. It retails for $1,095 in the Queen size and is often less than $1,000 after discounts are applied.

Read our full for more information. In that review, we dive into everything you need to know about the original Casper. We’ll include construction details, pricing, firmness, shopper FAQs, the sleep trial period, return policy details and more.

Highlights of the Casper Mattress

  • Delivered straight to your door
  • Works well for all different sleep positions
  • Top foam layer enhances airflow


Check out our comparison tool to see how it stacks up.

Compare Mattresses


The Casper Original is consistently ranked one of the best mattress options for people looking for value, comfort, and quality. Still, it’s essential to understand the pros and cons of any bed before you pull the trigger.

Overall, shoppers will find the most success when they take the time to read through the brand’s policies regarding shipping, warranty coverage, and returns. We also highly recommend developing an understanding of the ideal mattress type and firmness setting for your body (including your weight, preferences and sleeping position). The Casper tends to be a good mattress for a wide variety of people, but that doesn’t mean that it’s right for you.

Knowing your specific mattress needs could save you the trouble of an uncomfortable night’s sleep on the Casper or frustrating experience with the brand’s customer service team.

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