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Cocoon vs. Casper Mattress Comparison

Bed-in-a-box mattress shopping can feel like a shot in the dark, which is why we’re weighing two popular options in this Cocoon vs. Casper mattress comparison. Read on to learn which is the best mattress for you.

Comparing Cocoon Mattress & Casper Mattress

The Casper Original is an all-foam mattress that’s topped with responsive foam and memory foam layers that cushion your pressure points and support your lower back. The Cocoon Chill mattress by Sealy is an all-foam bed that utilizes advanced cooling technologies to lower the temperature profile of the mattress. 

We favor the Casper for average-weight side sleepers, combination sleepers, and those with back pain. The Cocoon Chill is a better choice for hot sleepers, couples, and lightweight or average-weight stomach sleepers. Both mattresses suit back sleepers, though the Casper may not adequately support those with heavyweight body types.


  • The Cocoon Chill puts their memory foam layer right on top, while Casper sandwiches it in the middle. As a result, you’ll get more of a close, contouring feel on the Cocoon Chill.
  • Casper includes built-in cooling features like perforations in the top layer, but the Cocoon Chill sleeps noticeably cooler thanks to advanced cooling substances in the mattress cover.
  • Even though these mattresses have a similar construction (three layers, all-foam), we recommend the Casper to side sleepers and the Cocoon Chill to stomach sleepers


  • Both mattresses keep your spine in a healthy, neutral position while you sleep, which helps prevent muscle strain and back pain.
  • Back sleepers are versatile when it comes to the best mattress firmness and feel for their sleeping position, so we recommend both of these beds for those who sleep primarily on their back.

Cocoon by Sealy

Who Should Buy this Mattress? 

  • Hot sleepers
  • Couples
  • Back sleepers
Cocoon by Sealy Mattress


Trial period

100 days


10 year limited warranty



Who the Cocoon Mattress is Best For 

Best For…

  • Hot sleepers will appreciate the cool-to-the-touch mattress cover that effectively absorbs extra body heat.
  • Couples need a mattress that isolates motion, and the Cocoon Chill delivers.
  • Back sleepers will enjoy the comfort of the soft top layer and support of the second and third layers.

May Not be Best For…

  • Side sleepers need ample pressure relief near their shoulders and hips, and in that regard, the Cocoon Chill is a bit too firm. If you need a contouring mattress, see the best mattresses for side sleepers.
  • Combination sleepers will fare better on a mattress with more responsive top layers. Check out our list of best mattresses for combo sleepers to find a bed that’s right for you.

Read our full Cocoon Chill Mattress Review to learn more! 

Casper Original

Who Should Buy this Mattress?

  • Back sleepers
  • Those with back pain
  • Combination sleepers
Casper Original Mattress


Trial period

100 nights


10 year warranty



Who the Casper Mattress is Best For 

Best For…

  • Back sleepers are well-supported by the Casper’s zoned memory foam layer and comfortably cushioned by the soft top layer.
  • Those with back pain benefit from the firmer foam under their lumbar region, which helps keep their spine in alignment while they sleep.
  • Combination sleepers won’t feel stuck in the responsive AirScape foam top layer and will be able to easily move from position to position without resistance.

May Not be Best For…

  • Stomach sleepers need a firm mattress to keep their hips and shoulders aligned and avoid lower back pain.
  • Hot sleepers should opt for a mattress with a coil base or stronger cooling technologies.

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Deciding Between Cocoon & Chill

Firmness / Feel

Mattress firmness is rated on a scale from one to 10, with one being the softest and 10 being the firmest. With that said, everyone experiences firmness levels a little differently depending on their body type. Most lightweight sleepers report that mattresses feel firmer than advertised since they don’t sink as deeply into the mattress layers. The opposite is true for heavyweight sleepers.

So, where do the Casper and Cocoon Chill fall on the spectrum? We ranked both at 6/10 on the firmness scale, or medium-firm. This is the ideal firmness for the average-weight person since it combines cushion and support. However, heavyweight individuals may need a firmer or thicker mattress to avoid “bottoming out” on the firm base layers. If you need a more supportive mattress, see the best mattresses for heavy people.

Cocoon Performance By Sleeping Position:
Lightweight (< 130 lbs):  3 3 4
Average weight (130 – 230 lbs): 4 4 4
Heavyweight (> 230 lbs):  4 3 3
Casper Performance By Sleeping Position:
Lightweight (< 130 lbs):  5 4 4
Average weight (130 – 230 lbs): 5 3 5
Heavyweight (> 230 lbs):  3 2 2

1 = Very poor, 2 = Not good, 3 = Fair, 4 = Good, 5 = Excellent

Motion Isolation

Couples are the most common group concerned about motion transfer since a particularly antsy partner can disrupt a good night’s sleep. The good news is that memory foam mattresses are some of the best in the business for isolating motion. In fact, we gave the Casper and Cocoon Chill top marks during our motion isolation test.

If you’re an extra light sleeper and want the maximum amount of motion isolation, we say go with the Cocoon Chill. The top layer is memory foam (whereas memory foam is Casper’s second layer), so you’ll experience immediate absorption of motion on the mattress surface. See the best mattresses for couples.

Edge Support

Ever have a dream where you’re falling and you jerk awake? That doesn’t have to be your reality if you have a mattress with good edge support. Different mattresses use various methods to keep you supported along their edges, including dense foam and sturdy spring coils. 

Neither the Casper nor the Cocoon Chill includes any dedicated edge support features, but surprisingly, they kept us well supported whether sitting or lying near the edges of the bed. Even so, heavyweight sleepers who are edge dwellers or who sleep with a partner may want a mattress with reinforced framing.

Pressure Relief 

Side sleepers love their pressure relief, but it’s also a relevant characteristic for back and stomach sleepers, too. As medium-firm mattresses, we found the Casper and Cocoon Chill to both provide a fair measure of pressure relief. Still, the Casper is our pick for the mattress for side sleepers, since the Cocoon Chill doesn’t have softer foam at the head and foot of the bed, like the Casper.

Back and stomach sleepers should be fine with the pressure relief on either mattress, though we think the Casper actually has too much softness to keep most stomach sleepers adequately supported.

Spine Alignment 

Don’t let our sleep jargon confuse you—spinal alignment is just a fancy way of saying sleeping posture. Why is this important? For the same reasons, it’s important while you’re awake. When your spine gets flexed out of alignment for extended periods of time, it can develop knots or strains. No one wants morning back pain, which is why keeping your spine aligned is important.

Memory foam and high-quality polyfoams generally do a great job of maintaining a good sleeping posture because they evenly distribute your body weight. Lucky for you, we found that trend to hold true for the Casper and Cocoon Chill.


Memory foam and polyfoam typically last around seven years, which is on par with the average mattress lifespan. Foam beds may develop body impressions over time, but most mattress companies—including Casper and Sealy—protect you against such defects by covering their mattresses with a warranty. That’s the case with the Casper Original and Cocoon Chill, which are protected for the first 10 years of original ownership.  


All-foam mattresses tend to retain heat since they lack the breathability of an innerspring layer. Casper and Sealy both address this issue by including cooling features in their mattress constructions. 

The Cocoon Chill (per the name) is crafted to keep you cool with Phase Change Material in the cover that absorbs excess heat and releases it if necessary. This maintains a balanced temperature on the mattress surface. The Casper is topped with open-cell foam that’s naturally breathable. This layer is also perforated (i.e. hole punched) to create additional channels for airflow

With that said, if you’re a notoriously hot sleeper, neither of these mattresses is the best choice, but if you’re picking between the two, go with the Cocoon Chill. If you’re looking for something even cooler, check out the best cooling mattresses.

Cocoon Mattress Construction

Cocoon by Sealy Mattress Construction Layers
Cover Recycled polyester
Comfort Layer  Airscape foam
Transitional Layer Memory foam
Support Layer Base foam
Mattress Thickness  11”

The Casper mattress has a triple-layer construction that’s wrapped in a breathable mattress cover made from recycled polyester. The top layer is Casper’s proprietary AirScape foam, which is responsive like latex. 

The transition layer is memory foam divided into three zones (Casper calls this Zoned Support), with firmer foam under your hips for improved lumbar support. The base layer is a simple support foam that keeps the top layers of foam from sagging over time.

Casper Mattress Construction

0218 CASPER 2020 MATTRESSES SideCompression R2 5 Original
Cover Cooling stretch knit cover
Comfort Layer  Perfect Fit memory foam
Transitional Layer Comfort foam
Support Layer Base foam
Mattress Thickness  10”

The Cocoon Chill mattress cover is woven with Phase Change Material, a substance that essentially absorbs and recycles body heat to keep you comfortable. The cover works to counter any heat retention in the memory foam top layer. In tandem with the memory foam, the comfort foam transition layer conforms to your body and keeps pressure off of your pressure points. The base layer is a stable, durable layer of polyfoam.

Sizing & Price Comparisons 

Mattress Size  Casper Mattress Price  Cocoon Chill Mattress Price 
Twin $595 $730
Twin XL $695 $770
Full $995 $850
Queen $1,095 $1,080
King $1,295 $1,310
Cal King $1,295 $1,310

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Shipping and Returns for Cocoon & Casper

Casper Mattress

Casper ships all of their mattress models for free in the U.S. and Canada.* For an additional $149, Casper’s delivery partners will set up your new mattress in the room of your choice and remove your old mattress.

Your 100-night trial period begins on the day of delivery. Returns are free at any point during the sleep trial and include a full refund. You roll into the 10-year warranty period after the sleep trial ends. The warranty entitles you to a free replacement mattress if yours is proven to have developed covered manufacturing defects. 

*Extra charges apply to deliveries in Alaska and Hawaii.

Cocoon Mattress

Sealy ships their Cocoon sleep products for free in the U.S. and includes free returns with their 100-night trial period. Free white glove delivery is only available when you purchase the Cocoon Ease Adjustable Base. Cocoon mattresses are protected by a 10-year full replacement warranty against covered defects.

More Cocoon Mattresses

Cocoon Chill Hybrid

The Chill Hybrid mattress features the same cooling cover and memory foam as the Cocoon Chill mattress, but instead of support foam, the Chill Hybrid has pocketed coils that improve airflow through the mattress.

Cocoon Hybrid lifestyle image

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More Casper Mattresses

Casper Hybrid

The Casper Hybrid is a medium-firm mattress that features AirScape foam and Zoned Support, along with breathable pocketed coils. 

Casper Original Hybrid Mattress

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Casper Wave Hybrid

The Casper Wave Hybrid is Casper’s coolest mattress, thanks to gel-infused AirScape 3 foam. This model also features gel pods for extra lower back support.

Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress

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Casper Nova Hybrid

The Casper Nova Hybrid has a plush comfort layer that cushions your pressure points better than the firmer Casper models.

nova hybrid plain room xl 1

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Our Final Take

As the name suggests, the Cocoon Chill is the better pick for hot sleepers. It’s also better suited to those looking for the contouring feel of memory foam. Since it’s arguably the firmer of the two in this comparison, we direct stomach sleepers to it over the Cocoon, though neither is our top choice for this sleeping position. The Casper is better for combination sleepers and side sleepers, and back sleepers could go either way.

If you really want to test the feel of your mattress before buying, Casper may be your best bet. Cocoon by Sealy is strictly an online mattress brand, so you can only experience their mattresses during the 100-night sleep trial. On the other hand, Casper now has brick-and-mortar locations across the U.S. in addition to their online store. As for pricing, Casper and Sealy have fairly similar price points, with the Queen size not differing by more than $20.