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The Best Mattresses of 2020

We’ve selected the 4 top-rated mattresses that will have you sleeping through the night in no time.

Best Rated


Best Value


Best for Side Sleep


Most Luxurious


How do we choose?

We take a lot of naps.  It’s tough work, but someone has to do it!  In all seriousness, we put these mattresses through the wringer.  We evaluate on a myriad of different factors including pressure relief, spine alignment, motion transfer, and cooling/airflow.

Not only is the mattress itself important, but so is the purchasing process.  We take into account the ease of ordering, how shipping is handled, the ease of setup, and overall customer service.

We set try to make the mattress buying experience simple, stress-free, and maybe even a little fun.

Ready to take the next step?


These are some of the most frequently asked questions in the world of mattresses:

Q. What is the best type of mattress?

A. Mattresses are not one size fits all.  There are a lot of factors to think about.  What position do you sleep in?  Do you sleep alone or with a partner? Are you generally hot or cold when you sleep? Do you like to sink or or prefer a firmer surface. The reality is, it’s going to come down to personal preference.  Luckily for you, there are TONs of options to choose from.

Q. How often should you replace your mattress?

A. There is another very subjective question.  It really depends on the type and brand of mattress that you have.  Like most goods, mattresses range in quality.  A high quality mattress should last upwards of 10 years before it starts breaking down and losing it’s structural integrity.  Unfortunately, there are many mattresess that only last a few years.  Generally speaking, it may be a good time to start thinking about a new bed every 5 or so years.

Q. Do I need a boxspring?

A.   Well, you need to put the mattress on something. But you have options.  Anything that is sturdy and offers support may work, even if that is the floor!  A platform bed is another popular option, especially if you like a lower height of the mattress surface.  If you don’t mind spending some extra cash and want some flexibility, check out an adjustable base.  These will allow you raise one or both sides of the mattress to help find a comfortable position, or to making watching TV easier(all though watching TV before bed is not recommended!).

Q. Should I clean my mattress?

A. Yes. This is a piece of furniture that you spend A LOT of time on.  So of course it’s a good idea to keep it clean.  The easy solution is to keep your sheets fresh.  It is recommended that you change sheets every week or so.  The mattress itself?  It may not be bad idea to give it a vacuum every now and then.  For more in-depth cleaning, refer to your manufacturer guide for best cleaning approaches.  Mattresses are made of a variety of different materials and require different methods of cleaning.  You can always consider a mattress protector too!

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