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Solay Hybrid Mattress Review

If you’re looking for hybrid comfort at an exceptional price, the 11” Solay Hybrid Mattress might be right for you.

Our Verdict: The Solay Hybrid Mattress successfully marries luxury and budget-friendliness by combining comfortable foam layers and supportive spring coils to provide restorative sleep for less than $1,700 in all sizes. It’s rare to see a hybrid mattress at an affordable price like this, and we think its medium feel makes it a great fit for most side sleepers and combination sleepers as well as some stomach sleepers and back sleepers.

The Solay Hybrid also earns points for offering the contouring of memory foam with a more responsive feel. This means that sleepers who don’t like to sink deeply into the top layers or feel “stuck” in the mattress will enjoy this bed’s faster response to pressure.

What We’ll Cover in this Solay Hybrid Mattress Review

Hybrid mattresses have become increasingly popular in recent years because they offer shoppers the best of both worlds from innerspring and foam styles, but they can be rather expensive. If you’ve been interested in a hybrid for some time but can’t swallow the thought of shelling out several thousand dollars for a new mattress, the Solay Hybrid Mattress might be your answer.

With a traditional hybrid construction that doesn’t skimp on premium features, including cooling foams, a cooling cover, and a body-contouring feel, the Solay offers the appeal of more expensive mattresses at a lower price point.

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In this review, we’re covering everything you need to know about the Solay Hybrid Mattress so that you can determine whether it’s the right mattress for you. You’ll learn about the bed’s construction, highlights and drawbacks, suitability for various sleeping positions, how it feels compared to other mattresses, and what your buying experience will be like should you choose to purchase this hybrid mattress.

Who is the Solay Hybrid Mattress is Best For? 

✅ Best For…

❌ May Not be Best For…

Sleepers who want more responsive contouring than memory foam

Shoppers on a budget

Side sleepers and combination sleepers


Those who want a traditional memory foam feel

Shoppers who want a firm mattress

Strict back sleepers and stomach sleepers

❌ Those who want a very responsive feel

Mattress Highlights

  • Very soft top layers provide contouring for side sleepers and lightweight sleepers
  • Tencel cover, top layer of EVENcor foam, and pocketed coil core help the mattress sleep cool
  • CertiPUR-US certified foams are free from harmful chemicals and heavy metals
  • Great contouring for strict side sleepers
  • Medium firmness level may suit a wide variety of sleepers
  • Free shipping in all 50 states
  • Less than $1,700 in all sizes
  • 365-night trial
  • 25-year limited warranty
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What Type of Mattress Is The Solay Hybrid?

As a hybrid mattress, the Solay combines foam layers, a coiled spring system, and a layer of cooling gel for a comfortable and breathable mattress.

How Well Does the Solay Hybrid Regulate Temperature? 

The Solay Hybrid’s structure lends itself to quality temperature regulation to keep the sleeper cooler throughout the night. The first two layers of the mattress are specially dedicated to cooling, with the TENCEL cover working to regulate temperature and cooling gel foam directly underneath. The best hybrid mattresses also have a pocketed spring coil system that helps increase airflow and circulate the air out of the mattress and away from the sleeper.

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Solay Hybrid Mattress Firmness & Feel 

The Solay Hybrid Mattress has a medium firmness level, or about a 6/10 on the firmness scale. This firmness level is a crowd-pleaser because it can provide support for average weight individuals in any sleeping position, but just because it can provide support doesn’t mean it’s the right mattress for you.

Personal preference is also important when determining if the Solay Hybrid will work for you. The top 1.5 inches of EVENcor foam in the bed’s comfort layer have a different feel than traditional memory foam. While it does allow for some sinking and cradling, it’s more responsive than memory foam, so you won’t get the deep contouring feeling that many shoppers prefer.

Because of this, we think the Solay Hybrid Mattress provides the best sleep experience for shoppers who are lightweight or average weight and don’t want to feel like they’re sleeping “in” their mattress. Heavyweight sleepers will need more support, especially in the back and stomach sleeping positions, and most will find that the Solay Hybrid does not work for their bodies.

Is the Solay Mattress Good For Couples? 

The Solay mattress has above average motion isolation and edge support. The best mattresses for couples absorb motion between partners and prevent motion transfer, along with increased edge support so they can sleep on the entire mattress. The Solay has an entire layer dedicated to reducing motion, working with the support and foundation layer to prevent motion transfer from one partner to the other.

Solay Mattress by Sleeping Positions

Back Stomach Side Combination
Gentle contouring provides lower back support for some

❌ Most back sleepers will find the mattress too soft

May work for lightweight stomach sleepers

❌ Most will find that their hips sink too much into the mattress

✅ Cradles the hips and shoulders for spinal alignment ✅ Heavier areas of the body can sink into the foams

❌ Not as much cradle as traditional memory foam

✅ Lightweight sleepers will find support in any position

✅ Responsive  top layers make changing positions easier than on memory foam

❌ May be too soft for heavyweight and average weight combination sleepers

Back Sleepers: The Solay Hybrid may work for back sleepers depending on their bodyweight and preferences. The best mattresses for back sleepers who are lightweight and some average weight back sleepers will find that the bed’s pocketed coil system provides enough support to evenly distribute their weight in this position while keeping their hips from sinking.

Other back sleepers, especially heavyweight individuals and those who prefer a firmer mattress, may find that the bed is too soft and allows their hips to sink too much into the top layers, which can create low back discomfort over time.

Stomach Sleepers: Similar to back sleepers, lightweight and some average weight sleepers in this category may enjoy the mattress. Lightweight sleepers’ hips will stay closer to the top of the mattress, maintaining spinal alignment  Those heavier than this may find that their hips sink too deeply into the top foams. 

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Side Sleepers: Side sleepers who are lightweight and average weight should experience excellent pressure relief in the areas where they need it most—the hips and shoulders—on the Solay Hybrid Mattress. The top layer of foam returns to its form quicker than memory foam, but it still provides nice contouring, like the best mattresses for side sleepers, to sink into the mattress. 

Combination Sleepers: While the top layers of foam are quicker to respond than memory foam, they’re slower to respond than latex. This middle-of-the-road elasticity should be great for combination sleepers who want to change positions with ease but don’t enjoy a pure bouncy feel. We recommend this mattress for combination sleepers in the lightweight and average weight categories, especially those who spend a large percentage of the night on their sides.

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Solay Mattress Construction

The Solay Hybrid Mattress is a hybrid bed that has a medium firmness level and stands 11” tall. Its construction follows the basic formula for hybrid mattress design (cover, comfort foams, coiled springs, and foam base support layer) with a few differentiating factors, including components for enhanced edge support, body cooling, higher-than-average foam responsiveness and more.

The bed is encased in a Tencel cover that helps to regulate body temperature throughout the night. The cover is non-removable. The comfort layers of the mattress include 1.5” of EVENcor cooling gel foam, which helps draw heat away from the body. This foam has a slightly more responsive feel than memory foam; when pressure is applied, the foam will return to its original shape faster than memory foam. 

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Sleepers who enjoy a feel that’s somewhere between sleeping “in” the mattress and “on” it will appreciate this, as will those who don’t like feeling “stuck” in the mattress when they change sleeping positions.

The comfort layer is followed by 7.25 inches of pocketed coils, which provide support for the entire body and help the mattress sleep cool by increasing air flow. The pocketed coil system has a reinforced edge to enhance edge support and reduce motion transfer. The pocketed steel spring coils are followed by a 2.25” premium support layer, which supports all the layers above it and contributes to the mattress’ overall durability.

How Much Does the Solay Hybrid Cost?

Twin 38″ x 75″  11” $895
Full 54″ x 75″  11” $1,095
Queen 60″ x 80″  11” $1,295
King 76″ x 80″  11” $1,695


Solay Hybrid Mattress Buying Experience

Shipping, Delivery & Returns

The Solay Hybrid ships as a bed-in-a-box within 3 to 7 business days after purchase. Shipping is free if you live in the United States, and you’ll receive your package via UPS ground. There’s no need to be home when you arrive, but the mattress should be removed from the package as soon as possible so that it can expand and return to its normal shape. To set up the mattress, move the box to your bedroom, place the mattress at the end of your bed frame, cut off the plastic covering, and unroll the mattress into place.

You’ll need to sleep on your Solay Hybrid for at least 30 nights prior to returning it. This period gives your body the time it needs to adjust to the mattress and evaluate whether it’s right for your needs. If you decide it isn’t, Solay will arrange pickup from your residence and donate it to a local charity. Returns can be initiated via email or at SolaySleep.com. 

Trial Period

Solay customers receive a 365-night trial with any mattress purchase, giving you a full year to decide if the Solay Hybrid Mattress is right for you. During that year, if you decide you’re not satisfied, Solay will arrange to pick up the mattress and give you a full refund. 


Beds purchased through SolaySleep.com come with the company’s 25-year warranty. The warranty is only valid in the United States. Solay will replace or repair any covered defects for 25 years after your purchase.. The warranty is only valid for the original purchaser and begins on the date of purchase. 


Solay mattresses are available for purchase on SolaySleep.com. You can also reach the Solay customer service team on business days from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST if you’re interested in a product.


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Our Solay Hybrid Mattress Final Review

Nerd Score: 4.7/5

The bed earns points for providing a budget-friendly hybrid option with a medium feel that can work for a wide variety of sleepers. Normally, the combination of supportive coils and a luxury foam top layer come with a higher price tag, but Solay made the bed with affordability in mind.

Side sleepers who are lightweight or average weight and don’t want to spend more than $2,000 on a new bed may find just what they’re looking for in this hybrid mattress. Its contouring top foam layer will help those suffering from any pain at the hip and shoulder joints sleep better, and those who prefer a moderate contour will enjoy the bed’s overall feel. 


Where is the Solay mattress made?

Each Solay mattress is proudly designed and manufactured in the USA using locally-sourced materials.

Can I try the Solay mattress before buying it?

The Solay mattress is exclusively available on Solay’s website, but you can try the mattress in your home through our 365-night risk-free trial.

Will the Solay work with my current sleep set up?

The Solay mattress is designed to work with the current set up you already have: a solid platform, box spring, slatted frame or adjustable base.

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